Somethings just seem so ridiculously unnecessary

by Janie Jones

I was getting dressed just now and thought to myself, “Self, why don’t we just wear those new purple socks that have been sitting in the dresser drawer for about a month and are still in the packaging.”

Seemed like a good plan.

Five minutes later I was still disengaging the socks from the packaging.  Which included a cardboard band which was attached with some glue requiring shears as strong as diamond to cut through and not one plastic band, but three hidden strategically in and through both pairs.  Then I had to remove the cardboard foot shaped insert that was about a half inch bigger than the sock opening.

Cheesey Pete!

I swear that the packaging materials cost more than the socks themselves.  Not to mention they probably took longer to manufacture, attach and created about a ton of extra non biodegradable or hazardous materials.

Did I say, CHEESY PETE!  They’re just a pair of cheap socks!


2 Comments to “Somethings just seem so ridiculously unnecessary”

  1. My favorite it having to remove shoes and socks to get to what’s left of the little plastic do-da that held the price tag on a pair of socks that’s poking you in the ankle. It’s some kind of natural law, like the laws of thermodynamics.

  2. Did you ever try to open a man’s formal shirt? A plastic wrapping, a bit of cardboard the shape the shirt would be if its wearer was a police body outline, about three or four little plastic things like paper-clips (perhaps shirts tend to make a run for it otherwise), and about twenty pins, only 19 of which you will find before you put the shirt on.

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