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July 27, 2015

Happy Anniversary to me!

by Janie Jones

anniversary 5 yrsIt’s the 5th Anniversary of Janie’s Place today!  Hurray!

Wow.  A lot happens in five years.

I went and looked back to the beginning.  To a time when I had struggles and frustrations, but was generally happy.  I had a beautiful affordable home to live in, a solid relationship, free time, and while not filthy rich by any means, I had some money.

I look how I’m now living, and I can’t help but develop a new worry:  What if when I finally finish school I still can’t get a good paying job?

May 27, 2015

This one’s for Frangipani

by Janie Jones

This morning I was not feeling particularly motivated, so I dawdled my way through my morning routine.  In the midst of the dawdling, for some reason, I was suddenly compelled to read the bottle of lotion I bought last January.  It’s from Bath and Body Works, the fragrance is called Amazon Rain.  Don’t ask, I have no idea how they come up with this stuff, but I think it smells nice. What caught my fancy was the list of ingredients which included frangipani.

I have a reader who goes by Frangipani.  I have not been a reliable reciprocal visitor, but she does some touching posts on life and a lot of beautiful and interesting photo posts.  All this time though, I never gave much thought her blog handle. 

Lots of people have blog handles that I don’t get. So when I read that bottle I had to know what a frangipani was.  Turns out, I learned something new!  Frangipani is another name for what I’m used to thinking of as plumeria, a lovely scented and beautifully flowering shrub.  What a wonderful blog handle.  It is a shame it took me so long to truly appreciate it.


Frangipanis_by_gemstars, click image to go to the site


So here’s to you, Frangipani!  What a beautiful name for a beautiful blogger.


April 12, 2015

It has been a grueling week;

by Janie Jones

Janie Jones has officially lost her marbles.

I had so much to do last week that I can’t even tell you how I survived.  Besides, that makes for a boring blog post I’m sure.  What you will probably find more interesting is reading about the signs of my marble losing.

So first, I was trying to cook a pork chop on my single burner hot plate.  It’s temperature control is  dodgy.  Well, it wasn’t getting hot, wasn’t getting hot, wasn’t getting hot, then suddenly it was starting to smoke.  So I pulled it off and set it on the wood cutting board, as I needed to cool it down.  I’ve used a wood cutting board as a trivet before, but apparently this time the hot plate meant business, super heating the pan to I’m-done-messing-around-and-only-sort-of-getting-hot-and-am-now-hot-damn-hot, and the pan scorched the wood.  Smelled like a wood burning shop in the basement for the next two days.

Twice I almost poured orange juice in my tea instead of milk, catching myself just in the nick of time.

I thought I forgot to hand in my physics homework, and ran all the way back to the drop box only to realize I had indeed turned it in already.

On several occasions I was completely incapable of forming a simple coherent answer to straight forward questions.  It was almost as if they were speaking pig latin.

And I forgot completely to bring my teaching manual to the extra session of Cell Biology Lab I had to supervise.  Way to look like you belong in charge, Janie.

I will spare you any more details as they become less becoming as I recall them.  Suffice to say, I survived somehow.

I actually had a couple bright spots.  I got a 96% on my seminar on Lyme disease vaccine research, and an 84% on my last physics test.  An 84%!  Me.  I couldn’t believe it.

Surviving the week and getting good news meant I wanted to celebrate.  I wanted to take some time off, kick back and chill.  But that wasn’t going to happen.  I had to work the tour guide gig yesterday.  Afterward, though, Leif came to town after one of his shows.  He only stayed for a little while, as he had to get back to the dogginses, who had been left at the farm all day and both of us were totally exhausted, but it was so nice to have a meal together and sit for a half hour and do nothing but drink tea, and talk and be together.  Almost as if I had a life.

College can be really lonely, you know?  You see people and talk to people all day, but you don’t really get that human contact factor.  And spending too much time in society with out having any society is tough.  It wears on your nerves.  I’m sure the solitude is messing with my marbles, too.


It’s a beautiful 60 degrees today.  I want to go walk down by the lake with Leif and the pupkisses.  But they are out at the farm, and I have a microbiology paper to write.  So, the grueling week isn’t quite over yet.  It’s back to the ol’ homework grind.

And as for WordPress, I still haven’t figured out the new system, but I did discover by accident that sometimes you can back-door your way into the classic format.  Which is enabling me to type this post in my comfort zone of normalcy.  We’ll see how long this lasts….

January 17, 2015

Such fun

by Janie Jones

I have just enjoyed creating quite a blog post explosion.

Just not here.  Sorry folks.  Actually I just set up 19 weeks of programmed jokes for the Spud on our personal blog.  I created it when she went to spend the school year with her dad for the first time in the fall of 2013.  I had hoped we’d be able to keep in touch better with a blog for us to post stuff on.  I tried to be very conscientious about making regular posts the first few months, but then the Spud’s dad said she wasn’t interested in reading it so I let it lapse for a while.

This past fall I was, well, miserable, but I tried to put a few posts up here and there.  I don’t know for sure, but she seemed to enjoy seeing them more this past fall, and so before the craziness of school starts back up I wanted to get in some serious blogging.  So I set it up as a way for us to count down the weeks until she comes for the summer vacation.  19 Fridays between now and then.  So, 19 jokes have been programmed.  Of all the jokes I waded through, some I thought were quite funny.  They might make an appearance on Tuesdays between now and then, so consider yourselves forewarned….

I also have now figured out how to use YouTube on our blog.  So now we can share videos of each other.

And, I added a countdown.  It’s 132 days until we get together for summer vacation.  Just in case you were wondering.