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April 11, 2012

It’s all 101 dust bunnies in 1001 tumbleweeds around here

by Janie Jones

I could just as easily be talking about the state of my house, having not been properly cleaned since the Christmas holidays from school, or my brain, which feels particularly dull these days.  But mostly I’m talking about my blog.  If it weren’t for pre-programmed joke posts people would think I’m dead.

Well, I’m not.  Though, being dead might be a lot more relaxing.

The semester  is winding to a close.  Thank the stars above.  I’ve been busier than the proverbial one legged man in an ass kicking contest.  So busy in fact that I have lost all enthusiasm for much of anything beyond playing hookey and sleeping.  Sounds like fun?  Well, I find that this kind of state has it’s disadvantages.  When I get so busy that I get in these moods, weird stuff gets dredged up in my dreams and bizarre things jingle about my brain that I can’t seem to shake.

Hence, yesterday’s joke post.

And, today, I can’t get the only line I can remember from some song (I don’t even really know what it’s about, driving a freight liner I guess) out of my head:

“I’ve got the fever.  The freight liner fever.”

Leif has a habit of playing music all.  the.  time.  Even when he’s not in the house he has the music going.  Sometimes he leaves it playing in the kitchen while he’s watching TV, or sleeping, or playing video games, or while he’s got his MP3 player going in the basement.  And, he gets in ruts where he plays the same play lists over and over.  I finally complained so much he made a few new ones.  All chock full of bizarre stuff even more annoying than the play lists he’d played to death before I started complaining.

But I digress.  See, my brain has turned to mush.  This post was not supposed to be about Leif, bless his weird music playing heart.

I’ve been too busy not only to post to my own blog, but also to read yours.  And I miss reading all your blogs.  This morning I realized I was so far behind that I hadn’t read blogs in at least three weeks.

Sarsm had been looking for folks to join her 101 in 1001 challenge with Tilly Bud.  I thought, what fun!  Then I thought, if I don’t have time in 3 weeks to read a handful of blogs, how will I find time to do 101 challenges?  Then I thought, it sure feels like I do at least 101 things a day already.  I started thinking about it some more and I thought, I could probably do this challenge easily.  I’ve already got a list going for the first few months of my challenge:

1.  Prepare and give a 5 minute speech on molé for Spanish class, all in Spanish, of course.

2.  Write the research paper on GE foods for my Writing class.

3.  Visit the planetarium and see a sky show for my astronomy class paper.

4.  Finish two more lab projects for biology class.

5.  Read remaining 3 chapters for anthropology class.

6.  Refrain from throwing my text book at my anthropology teacher who writes the worst tests known to man and is planning a cumulative final.

7.  Watch the three part Nova series, The Elegant Universe.

8. Get at least a B on all my finals.

9.  Figure out how to sit for two finals 75 miles apart at the same time on the same day.

10.  Complete my last Lib Ed requirement for my B.S. in May (I finally got into the Classic Mythology Lit class!  Hurray)

11.  Find a summer job.

12.  Figure out how to scrape enough gas money together to be able to afford the 300+ mile round trip drive to take the spud to meet her dad for the summer.

13.  Clean the house.  No really.  Clean the house and repeat every week.

14.  Take the Christmas lights down from the outside of the house.

15.  Make banana bread from the over ripe bananas that have been taunting me for the last 3 days (this probably should have appeared first on my list).

16.  Find a work study job for the fall.

17.  Get a physical before my insurance expires in September.

18.  Get my radiation therapy before my insurance expires in September.

19.  Go camping and do nothing for 4 whole days this summer.

20.  Read a book each week this summer that has nothing to do with school.

21.  Get up at 7 am and take the dog for a 2 mile walk every other day this summer.

22.  Resume exercises 3 days a week this summer.

23.  Plant my summer garden right after I harvest my money tree.

24.  Have at least one yard sale, money tree harvests are down again this year.

25.  Clean out the screen house so it can actually be used as a screen house and not a storage dump.

26.  Do all the mending before school starts up again in the fall.

27.  Write a chapter a week for one of the many books I have ideas for.

28.  Go fishing with Leif a couple times a month.

29.  Actually cook the food I buy at the grocery store instead of being to tired and lazy and either eating cereal or take out instead.

30.  Remember to shop at the Co-op and the farmer’s market for the produce we can’t grow in Leif’s vegetable garden instead of buying at the regular grocery store.

31.  Check labels and make a greater effort to buy organic or Non GMO/no rBGH foods when I can afford them.

32.  Make a post a week to my other blog (you think this one has some dust bunnies, the other one is a real ghost town).

33.  Get out the art supplies and make some art once every other week.

34.  Make time to put inspirational notes in the spud’s lunchbox every day for the rest of the school year.

35.  Find a way to tell Leif I love him and appreciate him every day.

Okay.  I’ve got 35 things I need/want to do in the next 3 months.  That’s about one third of the 101.  And while many of these aren’t that challenging, or very specific, and a few are just funny, this is how Janie rolls.  But, if the money tree harvest is even worse than I expect and I fail in finding a summer job, at least I would love to have a few months of being able to do nothing but work in my garden, read my books and write and draw.  I used to be a very creative crafty person, but life and responsibility has worn me down.  I’ve been balancing a lot on my plate, and despite all the frantic activity, not much is getting done other than school work.  And that which does get done gets done with a rather cranky-who-the-Hell-cares-anyway attitude.  A Janie can’t survive on 19 credit hours of  homework and commuting alone.  I guess that kind what this 101/1001 challenge is about.  Not letting life get away from you.  We all need to watch out for that, especially when we feel we are the most harried, stressed-out and busy.

I hope that when the end of May rolls around I’ll be able to stick my head up out of the text books and see the world again.  And, who knows, maybe get to a few more challenges that aren’t school related.

At the very least, I’d like to clear off the dust bunnies and tumbleweeds, figuratively and literally.

Oh!  And how could I forget, darn those dust bunnies anyway!

Task 36:  Find out what in the blazes freight liner fever is.

I got the fever.  The freight liner fever.  What ever that is…

I got the fever.