Ask your Congress Persons to Oppose SOPA and PIPA

*Dear Congress Persons,

As a constituent, I wish to draw your attention to the proposed SOPA and PIPA regulations.  I am deeply concerned that these bills as written would place extreme burdens on free internet sources and the natural consequence of such burdens would create unnecessary restrictions on the use and sharing of all information via the internet.  The restriction of free information is not in the best interests of the country.  It is my opinion that these bills are dangerously close to freedoms of speech infringement, which, as Americans, we should find an anathema.  Furthermore, as SOPA and PIPA directly relate to internet use, they go beyond national regulation and stand to adversely effect the internet using community of the entire world.

Also, as a student, the implications of SOPA and PIPA are very disturbing.  As a symbol of what is to come as a result of SOPA and PIPA regulations, Wikipedia is shut down today.  Students have come to rely on the internet as a key resource for their studies.  Many of my college courses require readings from Wikipedia sites and if SOPA and PIPA are allowed to become laws, a treasure trove of free educational information will be lost not only to Americans, but to the world.  We cannot allow this to happen.  I cannot bear the thought of Americans being known as the people who killed the information age.

I understand that copyright infringement** is a serious issue, but SOPA and PIPA are not the appropriate answer.  As my representative I feel strongly that you should know my opinion.  As a public servant I hope you will act in such a way as supports the wishes of your constituents.  I ask that you do not support these bills.

A Blogger Known as Janie Jones

*A copy was sent to the real representatives of this blogger under her real name, or at least to those representatives whose contact links were active on January 18th, 2012.  More than one was reporting errors.  Hopefully they crashed because many Americans like this blogger were inundating their email inboxes with requests to oppose SOPA and PIPA.

**This blogger would find it the highest form of flattery if readers would like to steal, borrow or claim any part of this letter for their own use.  It’s not copyright infringement if I give you permission, or so we think…

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