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January 7, 2016

Because I like to keep all ya’all in the loop…

by Janie Jones

…and because I can think of nothing else to blog today, I figured I’d inform you that I survived the 10 day old meatloaf consumption with nary a hitch.

meatloaf vs bbq chix

expecting meatloaf

January 5, 2016

I might regret this…

by Janie Jones

I made a very delicious meatloaf on the 26th of December. I thought the spud would help me eat the leftovers before she went back to her dad’s, but apparently, although this child was the one who requested I make the meatloaf in the first place and ate quite heartily of it at its first dinner table appearance, she was too good for meatloaf leftovers.

I ate on it myself several times last week, then went out to the farm for the weekend. Today I realized there was still one piece left in the fridge. It was 10 days old and past my standard rule of 7 days of eating on leftovers before they get pitched. But it was a very, very delicious meatloaf. So I decided to take my chances and eat it anyway.

If I die of food poisoning, now you will know why.

Beware the 10 day old meatloaf.


August 23, 2015

Oh. Now that is good.

by Janie Jones

Sanpelligrino pomegranate and orange

Our most favorite Italian restaurant serves a few flavors of Sanpellegrino.  Of course, it costs an arm and a leg to have at the restaurant.  So it’s very seldom that we order any.

I have noticed that the new Co-op I’ve been shopping at in the Big City carries a wide variety of Sanpellegrino flavors.  It only costs half and arm and half a leg.  I often have thought, “Oh, that sounds so divine!”  as I have walked passed the displays of Sanpellegrino and wistfully imagined a day when I could walk into the store and just buy a six pack and not care how crazy expensive it is.  Well last week they had it on sale and the price dipped below a dollar a can.  So, I splurged and bought three individual cans in three different flavors:  grapefruit, pomegranate orange, and blood orange.  Yesterday I decided to pop one open and give one a try.

For no particular reason I poured the pomegranate orange flavor.  Man, I tell you.  It.  Was.  Good.

It was a dog-chewing-a-bone good.

It was sunny-Sunday-morning-breakfast-in-bed good.

It was first-kiss good.

It was free-ice-cream good.

It was you-just-won-the-lottery-and-are-going-to-Disney-Land good.

It was I-don’t-care-crows-are-pecking-my-eyes-out good.


It’s that good.


I have not tried the other flavors yet.  As my budget does not allow me to kick ’em back like they are going out of style I will save them for when I have time to savor them adequately.  If they are as good as this flavor, I will begin to understand why people apparently are willing to pay such outrageous prices for sparkling juice.


July 16, 2015

One fish, two fish, red fish, delish fish

by Janie Jones

We celebrated Christmas in July last week on my vacation as I didn’t get to see the spud for the holiday proper.  I got, can you guess?  Swedish Fish!  30.4 ounces of Swedish Fish, to be exact.

July 2015 015

And, they are the full rainbow of colors, as proper Swedish Fish should be, not just the red ones that some cheap packages sell.  I’m not sure why, but there does seem to be a preponderance of the red fish, however.  Also curious is that they are mini fish, not full size.

July 2015 016

Hmm.  I guess that means I can eat twice as many because they are half the size.

January 27, 2015

Random thoughts: a Tuesday bonus post

by Janie Jones

I have a single one hour break on Tuesdays.  Classes start at 9 and run until 5.  As I am not a night person, or even a mid afternoon person, I am back on my up at 4 am schedule, so by the time I get to campus at 9 am I’ve already taken care of half a day’s worth of studying and other personal business.  By noon I get pretty hungry, two breakfasts notwithstanding.

Why am I sharing this?  Well, the title of this post should give you a clue, I’m enjoying a moment of random thought:

One thing I hate more than packing a lunch is paying campus food prices.

After 5 semesters at Stickittoyou U, I can say with some authority that it is almost impossible to eat anything palatable for less than $7 on campus.  And, if in my current situation this semester, you have your only break at peak lunch hour, good luck finding a place in the cafeteria to actually eat said lunch.

So, on account of the fact that I am a cheapskate and picky when it comes to overpriced poor quality fare, I did actually pack a lunch this morning before heading to campus despite my abhorrence of such an activity.  And, I am currently eating it despite my general lack of interest in a brown bag meal that has been sitting in a semi-cool insulated lunch sack and is covered in a sheen of condensation from the rapidly melting ice pack.  It is somewhat sad when a tepid cream cheese sandwich, an orange and a piece of pumpkin cake is healthier, cheaper and even more appetizing than what the school serves.

Now if only I had remembered to pack a napkin.

December 19, 2014

This holiday has gone to the dogs…

by Janie Jones

but only in the very best sense!

freshpet holiday feast

You have to check it out it’s hilarious!

I saw this over at Scratching to Escape.  Thanks for sharing Jess!  It made my day.  I mean, who doesn’t love dogs eating with people hands?!?

December 17, 2014

Happy National Maple Syrup Day!

by Janie Jones

That’s right boys and girls, today is National Maple Syrup Day.  So go make yourself a mess of pancakes and pour it on!

pancakesImage from Google Images