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August 11, 2015

Tuesday Titters, courtesy of the Spud

by Janie Jones

We saw this VW bug parked by our friend Peggy’s house the other day.  The Spud thought it was cutie.

VWbug cropped

Then she told me this joke:

What part of your car is made out of snakes?

The windshield vipers.

February 24, 2015

Tuesday Titters: Up in the sky, is that a bird, is that a plane?

by Janie Jones

What do you get when you cross a fly, a car and a dog?

A flying carpet!

January 30, 2015

Now just remember, 3 right turns make a left

by Janie Jones

head gasket
'My advice, keep the oil, change the car.'

Yesterday, the steering went out on my car.  At first it was hard to turn left, the wheel would only turn part the way, then it didn’t want to turn at all.  Then it would stick before suddenly losing tension and turn all the way too rapidly.


I got it to my preferred auto mechanics and it will be fixed thanks to a loan from Leif-mom, as I did not have $1450 odd dollars to fix struts and the rack and pinion system.

Such fun.

There’s just so much Friday mirth here, I can’t stand it.