What I Learned Last Week #9

by Janie Jones

Somehow the last 3 days have totally escaped my grasp of time management.

Not that I have much grasp of time management these days.

Anyway, last week was another thoroughly unremarkable week.  Despite coming off a week long break I don’t remember much of it due to bad attitude and fatigue.  What I do remember is that Tapeworms and Roundworms are some of the most disgusting organisms on the planet, IMHO.  Thank you Biology class for devoting an entire week to their study.

I made the executive decision to spare you photos of tapeworms and roundworms (thank you Janie) and I’ll even spare you photos of me pulling my hair out and wailing and gnashing my teeth whilst attempting Calculus homework, but I will show you photos of fully glaze-fired Spongebob and Patrick:

Misc Photos March 003

One Comment to “What I Learned Last Week #9”

  1. Thank you for your consideration! Signed, A Grateful Reader.

    Love the pottery! You have a talent there.

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