It never fails

by Janie Jones

I seem to have a recurring problem.  Not an Earth-shattering one, but it annoys me like rash of mosquito bites, distracting me with an itch in my core that I can’t quite calm.

My problem?  I find a product I like, I use it up, and in that time the product apparently vanishes from time and space as if it had never occurred.

I generally am not a pen using individual, preferring pencils for most of my daily work.  But OChem teacher requires our lab books be completed in indelible ink.  I searched high and low and ran through about $20 or so in different kinds of pens before I found one with waterproof ink that felt good in my hand, had a nice flow to the tip and was not hideously ugly in color/style of barrel.  Just 7 months later I am starting to worry that the ink will run out (I’ve written a lot of chem lab reports), and as I like this style of pen I’d like to avoid going through the process of finding a good replacement.  So I went online to buy ink refills.  In all the interwebs, apparently no office supply store, eBay or Amazon carries the appropriate sized refill.  In fact, when I key in the style name and number for the pen, I can’t even find a whole new pen in this style anymore.

So what, Janie.  It’s a pen.  Big freakin’ deal.  But this happens to me all the time with things.  My styling paste for my hair is no longer carried in any of the local stores.  My favorite flavor of Lipton Tea, discontinued.  The reusable water bottle style I prefer, discontinued.  My favorite shampoo, not available in any store in my area.  And the list goes on, but I’ll spare you.

Sometimes, it really seems to me that the term Modern Conveniences is an oxymoron.

2 Comments to “It never fails”

  1. No, I quite understand. 🙂

    Can you remember where you bought it? They might be able to point you in the direction of refills.

  2. A few years ago, I found an enchilada casserole at Sam’s that was very, very good.

    I bought the casserole twice, but couldn’t find it the third time. A store associate told me they probably discontinued the product.

    All I could thing was: “Those assholes.”

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