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March 3, 2014

What I Learned Last Week #7

by Janie Jones

This past week I learned to make coil vessels in ceramics class and I made a really cool vase.


In Biology we moved on to study Annelids (segmented worms).  I dissected one:


It was pretty boring.  But I did learn some interesting factoids about various members of the Annelid phylum.

1. earthworms can eat their own weight in soil in just 24 hours

2. some species of leeches can suck up to 10 times their body weight in blood in a single feeding

3.  it can take a leech up to 6 months to digest all the blood they sucked up in a single large feeding

Gross, but fascinating.

We also studied Molluscs (the phylum containing snails, slugs, clams, octopi and the chambered nautilus).  I dissected one of those too:


Dissecting clams is even more boring than dissecting earthworms.  But, I learned that a sting from the comb snail can kill a human being.

Have you noticed that I have way more interesting factoids to share from biology class than say, oh, my calculus class?  That’s because calculus is an utterly boring obligatory duty that despite having swallowed my life is still a senseless enigma.  I go through the motions and still have no clue really what is going on.

Have you noticed that I also tend to have little to say about my Organic Chemistry class?  Well that’s also because calculus has swallowed my life.  I spent about 7 hours on calculus homework Sunday.  I spent 3 hours Saturday on biology homework and, believe it or not, 3 hours writing a paper for my ceramics class.  Yes.  That’s right.  I had to write a paper for my ceramics class.  But, the moral of this story is, poor Chemistry once again got snubbed by other homework and I have nothing interesting to say about Chemistry except that the biodiesel we made in class on Thursday smelled nothing like I thought it would.  While it was no where near the worst smelling lab we’ve performed this year, it still smelled extremely peculiar.

I am now entering my last week of class before spring break, which means I am just 45 days of class shy of being done for this semester.  Hoo-ray!!!!