July 9, 2014

And once again I’m reminded of just how much it sucks to be totally, completely broke

by Janie Jones

I’ve been much too depressed to blog lately.  Mostly because I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t sound like a complaint.  Unfortunately, I don’t mean to complain, it’s just everything is so crappy right now, that the simple facts sound horrid.  Well, they don’t just sound horrid, they really are.

Out on the farm we have not been able to take showers now for 6 weeks.  We take “pioneer showers” where we wash out of buckets.  Just this weekend we upgraded from having to draw the hot water for bathing and dishes directly off the hot water heater and carry buckets of hot water up from the basement to a single hot tap in the kitchen.  For about the last 5 weeks we have had no water in the bathroom, now we at least have one cold tap in the bathroom.  However, to flush the toilet we need to manually fill the toilet tank with a hose run through the back door from a garden spigot.  If we weren’t drop dead broke we could have had showers about 3 weeks ago, but there was simply no money to pay a plumber to fix all that’s wrong with the plumbing.  Leif is slowly fixing it on his own.

The bugs are so thick here that even sitting indoors you get eaten alive by mosquitoes and we’ve all been moonlighting as tick buffets.  I was lucky enough to contract Lyme Disease and have just finished 3 weeks of antibiotic treatment.

I have two weeks of summer school left, but luckily the on campus component is over so I no longer have to drive an hour and twenty minutes each way twice a week to class.  It is doubly lucky because the gov’mnet in their infinite wisdom decided that I no longer can be eligible for food stamps.  Not like I liked having to use them in the first place, but it did at least save me from having to stretch my nickel sized budget to cover a dime’s worth of bills.  The silver lining here then is when my food stamps got canceled I no longer had to drive so the gas money could be converted to food money saving me from having to make the choice of going to class or eating.

I managed to get probably 90% of the stench of weasel and chipmunk shit out of the laundry room, but when it’s really damp it still smells of mold, mildew, animal excrement, and a faint odor of cigarette smoke lingers in the rooms we haven’t pulled the carpet out of yet.  There is still a hole in the laundry room floor, but at least I don’t have to breathe in weasel stench to do laundry.  And, we finally got both the washer and dryer running, just the washer only runs on cold, and that, can you guess? has to be brought in via garden hose through the back door.

I’m still living out of boxes because 1.  we’ve run out of places to put our things 2.  I’ve run out of caring anymore.

So, without boring you with anymore of the minutiae of life since being exiled to the country, I’m struggling to find any happiness, or even any bit of hope, these days.

Poor Leif, now he’s gone and broke my heart and added a new layer of misery to my broke-ass existence.  What evil is this you might ask?  Today we escaped the farm to go grocery shopping and conduct some business in town.  Leif has been wanting another young dog to play with Vera and so he’s popped into the shelter a time or two to see if he could find a dog to adopt.  Today he says, “Would you like to stop at the shelter and see what they’ve got today?”  And like an idiot I said, “Sure, I’d like to see the animals.”  Can you guess where this is going?

Well, apparently on one of his previous visits he saw a middle aged beagle and thought  it would be a perfect dog for me and more sedate buddy for Rupert.  The beagle was still there, and Leif was right.  It was love at first sight for me.  He was well mannered and absolutely adorable.  He was found as a stray so he didn’t know his shelter name, but he knew sit and did the prettiest beg you’ve ever seen.  The shelter wanted a $275 adoption fee, and that’s when my heart broke.  I don’t have $275 and I had to leave the poor guy at the shelter.  But the whole way home I kept thinking about him.  Leif liked him too and said maybe it would be something for me to work for and cheer me up, but unfortunately it’s had the opposite effect.  I’m even more sad now than I was before.  See, there’s no way I’ll ever be able to adopt that darling four legged little guy.  It’s not just a matter of starting the “Bring the Beagle Home Fund” and putting aside some money next time I get paid.  I don’t have a job and won’t have any more income until I either get one or until I’m again eligible for financial aid in September.  By then my beloved beagle will likely have a new home, or worse yet continue to spend week after week in a shelter on a hard concrete floor enclosed by chain link walls.   Either way, it’s depressing to think about.

*Sigh*  If I wasn’t dead broke I could now be gleefully posting adorable photos of me and Rupert with “Bingley,” what Leif suggested I name the new guy.  You know, that name would suit him perfectly.




June 17, 2014

Well, that’s some good news at least

by Janie Jones

I just got word I was awarded a scholarship for Stickittoyou University.  It’s not a lot, but it will cover about a quarter to a third of my tuition.

Now if only I could win a scholarship or award that would pay for my housing….

Still one must be grateful for the little things, especially when they are all you’ve got.

June 10, 2014

I survived, part two

by Janie Jones

Well.  The move is officially over and I’m still breathing and walking so I guess you can say I survived.  I wouldn’t say that I’m really moved in though nor would I really say I’m good.  Considering how much has happened since my last post, not much has actually gotten done in terms of unpacking.  Which means I’m living in what feels like a combination of storage locker and remote holiday cabin.

The last trip from my beloved old home was made late on Sunday, June 1st.  On Monday, June 2nd summer school began.  Between summer school I managed to unpack just enough of my office to do said school work and enough clothes to appear semi normal at class.  The rest is still up for grabs.  I do have some blog fodder that will fill you in on the details, perhaps someday when the whole summer school thing isn’t looming over me and right before the fall semester takes over.  Maybe.

Oh, and then on Saturday, June 7th I had to go pick up the spud who is summering with me out on Leif’s farm.  Her swimming lessons began on Monday, June 9th at 9am, only 5 hours after the arrival of my bout with the intestinal flu.

Never, oh, never a dull moment around these parts.  Not even a moment to cry for myself.

I tried to catch up on reading some of your blogs, I need some sense of normal, besides the normal of chaos that is, but it might be a while before I make it to everyone.  Hope you are well and having a better summer than me.

May 31, 2014

Oh. My. Gawd.

by Janie Jones

I am STILL moving.  I feel like I’m trapped in a nightmare that won’t end.

May 22, 2014

Because I’m sure you were all dying to know…

by Janie Jones

The grades are in.  The last semester of the year from Hell are in.

Biology II:  A

Ceramics:  A

Calculus:  B

Organic Chemistry:  B


I worked my ass off last semester and endured a horrible year of emotional turmoil, and I am so relieved that my grades are thoroughly respectable.

This may be one of my last posts for a while.  Now that spring semester is over, I have to earnestly apply myself to moving out of my beloved home.  I will be living with Leif out at his newly purchased farm as I can’t afford to live on my own in the Big City, and we are not sure yet when we’ll be able to get the internet hooked up or what the service will be like out there.  Plus the next couple of weeks I’ll likely be weeping my eyeballs out while trying to magically get all our belongings out of the current house and down to the farm and have little opportunity for blogging even if the internet is set up and working like a dream.

If I’m not haunting your blogs for a while, know I’ll be thinking of you and hoping to be back soon…

Hugs, Janie


May 16, 2014

I survived

by Janie Jones

I am done with calculus, and hopefully forever.

***And there was MUCH rejoicing***

I kind of gave up a bit at the end, but all in all I feel I acquitted myself admirably, if you discount all the crying, the wailing and the gnashing of teeth.  I honestly don’t feel I retained all that much, but through sheer tenacity (and no doubt a healthy grading curve) I managed to get a B for my final grade.

Now, if I can just get a 65% on my Organic Chem final on Monday, which is what I need to finish this class also with a B, I’ll be content with the outcome of this semester.

And, I want to thank my wonderful, regular readers.  I’ve been very miserable this last semester or two as I’ve struggled through all this math stuff, and some heavy duty personal crap.  I hope you all know that your comments, emails and “Likes” have kept me going and have given me more than one morale booster when I needed it.  So, thank you again and again.


May 14, 2014

Random Dog Pix #2

by Janie Jones

dogs and pots 002

Because a camera, apparently, smells fascinating.