Keeping tabs

by Janie Jones

Hello everyone.

I just read a post from Sarsm, and it made me think outside of my four walls.  So many of you in the blogosphere are emotionally near and dear, and being as how you are spread out across the globe, please spare a minute occasionally and let us know how you are doing in the wake of COVID-19.

So far we have been fortunate as there have been no cases reported by authorities in my neck of the great white north.  However, our local officials are being proactive and schools have been shut down and many businesses are closing or reducing hours to limit large gatherings.  Many programs are popping up to help people obtain food and maintain wages if their workplace is closed.  Stickittoyou U has cancelled all in-person events and mandated all non-essential employees to stay home.  I am fortunate that the vast majority of my work can be done from home, so I am not financially affected at this time.

Our primary and secondary schools have also shut down.  For the time being all lessons are suspended, but schools are to resume at the end of the month using online learning methods, and it sounds like they will remain that way for the rest of the school year.  I don’t know what this will look like exactly for the spud, but I am glad she will not have to be riding the public bus to school every day.

So, the spud and I are doing our best to stay at home and have supplies delivered as much as possible.  Even if we were to catch the virus, we are probably not at high risk for complications beside severe flu symptoms.  But Leif has a lot of other complicating health issues, so we worry about him.  And we worry about our other friends and family members who are also in high risk groups or areas where the virus is hitting hard.

It has been a very surreal time, but we are trying to stay calm and do what we can to be as safe as possible.  I just wanted to check in with everyone out there.  Please let me know how you are doing!  I will try to check in regularly, and I hope you will find a way to pause in the midst of adjusting to the new normal yourselves and keep up with your bloggy buddies.

My best wishes that you, your family and friends all whether this crisis with good health.






8 Comments to “Keeping tabs”

  1. Thank you for the mention.

    Well, you know how I am after reading my post. What I didn’t mention yet was that we were in ‘unofficial quarantine” for about three days because my husband’s colleague was in direct contact with the virus. So it all does feel very close indeed. We live in the suburbs, it’s more like a large village really. Our population is around 3000 I think. And within 12 hours we had three air ambulances fly over. That gives you a pretty eerie feeling.

    But we are looking for positives wherever we can find them. I think we’re on the verge of going into lock down now. So I’m thinking of venturing out today to see my daughter, her boyfriend and my son. I bought them Easter presents and birthday presents (for my daughter’s boyfriend). Plus I had managed to get a hold of some hand sanitizer for them. I thought if we all met briefly outside, I could just give them their things. I had a plan that I could put the bags on the ground, instead of passing them.

    But the problem is, how do you not just give them a hug?

    Anyway, my husband is dealing with it by making me looking at spreadsheets and graphs of trajectories that he made. He always tells us Maths is beautiful. I can’t see it myself. 😉

  2. I always feel math is the most beautiful when someone else is doing it…

    I will think positive thoughts for negative virus in you all!

  3. Life is mostly normal except for the following – work from home much of the time and more frequent runs to the supermarket to pick up a little more of the necessary things. Schools, shops and restaurants are still open. But meetings with friends have been cut down.

  4. Hi Frangipani! Glad you are doing well in your corner of the world! Hope you and those you love stay well.

  5. I’ve done what you asked and posted about how things are here, I think it’s a really good suggestion. Hope you all keep well Tin x

    • Hello! I am doing okay. We are nearing the end of the spring semester and I have a number of big projects and reports due for school and my jobs, plus I have to find a new summer job, as the one I had been anticipating lost it’s grant funding. It’s kind of hard to focus on everything from home with my daughter here. Leif left one of the dogs in town, and it forces me to get out for some exercise, which is good, but it is also distracting. On the one hand, I often feel like I’m not getting anything done but, on the other hand, I also feel like I am not getting a break as working from home means I kind of feel obligated to work even on days and at times when I might other wise have not been concerned about working. It is a very strange dynamic.

      That said, both the spud and I are doing okay. I don’t know anyone in my local area who has even suspected they have been infected, and the documented cases in my general area are still very low. So, I guess if feeling a little out of touch with time and space is the worst I have to complain of, I can’t really complain. 🙂

      Hope everything is okay with you and your family.


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