Happy Christmas

by Janie Jones

Recently something made me think of this YouTube gem, so I dug it up.  I have been addicted to it this past week or so.

So, my gift to you all:

Be sure to watch all the way to the very end.  Which I don’t think I ever did when I discovered it back when it was first published.

If you want something more traditionally heartwarming, I highly recommend checking out Klaus available on Netflix.

Leif, the spud and I watched it yesterday and there wasn’t a dry eye on the sofa. I think it is officially my new favorite Christmas movie.  Well, okay, maybe I should say my favorite animated Christmas movie.  Nothing can top A Christmas Story.

Wishing you everything good this holiday season!

Janie Jones

3 Comments to “Happy Christmas”

  1. Thanks Janie, that was great.
    Happy Christmas to you, the Spud and Leif, love Tin

  2. I’m late!!! Somehow this didn’t pop up in my inbox. Odd. I hope that you had a really lovely holiday period and have settled well into the new decade!
    I had never seen the video! Imagine that!!

  3. OMG! Never seen it before? Well I am glad I dug it up. Every time I watch it, no matter how many times I’ve seen it I laugh. I think it is priceless. Although, I wonder what it must be like in that family, having a brother who makes you this kind of Christmas present….

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