March 3, 2016

Okay, maybe this will help

by Janie Jones

So I’ve only heard from about a quarter of my dear readers (which means about 3 of you).  Two of whom couldn’t access the new blog address.  In sitting with Leif who was unable to read it, I discovered that the link in the earlier post was misdirecting.  While there is, admittedly, some chance of operator error causing this problem, I prefer to blame WordPress.  I might go so far to say that WordPress was deliberately thwarting my escape of their poorly redesigned platform.  But that would definitely be a tall tale.

In any event.  If you have not been having success accessing the new address please try cutting and pasting this into your browser:

I have not posted recently as I have been preoccupied with homework, part time job, and searching for gainful employment post graduation, but there are older posts some of you might not have seen if you were thwarted by the ill-programmed previous link.

I would really like to know if you continue to have problems following me to my new digs.  Feel free to email me directly at janiejones.greatwhitenorth @


February 23, 2016

Well, now. This is a real bummer…

by Janie Jones

Greetings to anyone still perusing this blog.

I have not been able to get into my new blog all morning.  This has happened a few times now.  It generally resolves by the next day when I try, but I don’t always want to wait.  Irritating.  I wanted to do Tuesday Titters on Tuesday.

Also, I have heard tell of at least one bloggy buddy who couldn’t access the new digs with a laptop.  I knew there was the risk of problems on mobile devices like cell phones, but I use a laptop and didn’t think that would be a problem.  If there are others who can’t get to the new place with laptops, that would be a real issue.

So, please, please give me some feedback.  If too many of you can’t access the new place and I continue to have problems getting in myself I may have to re-think despite how much I like the platform interface.

I guess I should have studied computer science and web design instead of biochemistry and cell biology….

February 18, 2016

Happy Blog Warming!

by Janie Jones

Well friends, I have finally got myself established in some new digs.  I will now be blogging at  You can visit me at:

Where I will be known as:


I think the site is 99% functional.  I have been doing a little blogging there lately just to get used to it and make sure I liked the platform, so if you are bored there’s several posts to read.  I also delayed making the link public until I was fairly happy with the new look.  It is different in many ways, but some things won’t change (I still look like a cartoon character, Tilly).

I want to thank everyone who has read Janie’s Place and especially those who have paused to comment.  Having you visit here has meant the world to me.  And, so I sincerely hope that we can continue on as before.  But, I do feel compelled to add that a friend tipped me off that free hosting is not compatible with mobile devices.  Therefore, to any of you who use your cell phones for blog reading I apologize for the inconvenience.  I hope I won’t lose you as a friend/reader.

Well, now.  There you have it.  I hope to see you all there, and we will find out together how things will pan out in the future.


Janie Jones


February 8, 2016

I am still around…

by Janie Jones

I am currently enmeshed in first quarter test frenzy.  I have my first exam in each of my four lecture courses all within the next 7 days.

Needless to say, I have spent much of the  weekend trying to get all my homework done ahead of time so I can devote every remaining moment to studying for said exams.  I should qualify that I suppose and say every waking moment I can actually get my will power and my brain to cooperate.

Imagine if you will, you do actually want run that marathon, that you want to be first across that finish line.  But, you trip, fall and sprain your ankle.  No matter how hard you want to keep running, your body just won’t let you.  You still might eventually hobble across the line.  But you ain’t no way, no how, gonna win.

That’s like how my brain feels.  I’ve been running 24 miles of my educational marathon.  I’m down to the last two, but I’ve sprained my brain and now it’s really, really hard to keep moving.

That said, I have decided on a location to move my blog to, at least temporarily until I can better investigate/afford private hosting.  However, I am not quite ready for the unveiling yet.  So please stay tuned.  Hopefully in a week or two, once first quarter test frenzy subsides, I’ll get everything the way I want it and have a blog warming bonanza.

In the meanwhile, here’s some more photos of Vera’s puppies:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



January 28, 2016

Update on the Tech end of Janie’s Place

by Janie Jones

I am sorry to have offended any of my readers delicate sensibilities with the rude language in my last post.  I am seriously put-out by the changes to WordPress to such and extent that I don’t want to blog here anymore.

The changes have gotten to be so severe that the whole place feels foreign, there is no joy or fun or naturalness to my time here.  It is more than just the irksome necessity of learning a new system, it no longer feels right to be here.  And, as much as I hate moving, I am seriously considering taking my blog elsewhere.

I do have a small but loyal base of readers/friends.  Please leave me a comment and let me know if you will follow me if I move to a new location.  I am currently considering a few options.  It may happen soon or it may take a while depending on my available free time.  But, blogging has been a hugely important piece of my life these last few years, and I find that when I don’t blog, I tend to miss it.  And I miss all of you!

So, I will probably not have much of a presence here on WordPress for a while, until I figure out what I am going to do, but I will let everyone know my new address if I end up moving.

Ugh.  This has been painful to write.

Hope you are well, and hope to see you again soon, where ever that might end up being.





January 22, 2016

Damn you WordPress

by Janie Jones

I was going to put up a post this morning. But since my last post, it appears WordPress has found it necessary to fuck with it’s design again. I have no idea where anything is in this new format and I’m just not in the mood for figuring it out.

I am getting so sick of having to relearn how to use WordPress every few months or a year when someone decides, oh, lets take a popular program and make unnecessary changes that confuse and frustrate people.

Maybe this is why fewer and fewer people are blogging these days.

Dammit. Where is the f78ing post button? Oh there. But it looks like the schedule button is gone? What’s with that???

And what a hassle now to add tags and categories. Why did you have to move that??

I just might go back to blogger….

January 19, 2016

Tuesday Titters: Molecular Biology is the thing this semester

by Janie Jones

Why are molecular biologists fashionable? They wear designer genes.