Having trouble getting motivated

by Janie Jones

Today I woke up and hit the snooze alarm.  Then I hit it again.  But instead of falling back to sleep I started to feel nauseated.  I wasn’t sick, though.  It’s psychological.  School resumes tomorrow, and I’m pretty much dreading going back.  If I don’t get out of bed today, maybe tomorrow won’t come.

But I knew I better roust my bones, gird my loins with my big girl panties and do this so called thing known as Life.  So I’m up and choking down some food before going to work.

It did occur to as I was trying to make my stomach resign itself to keeping my breakfast inside of it, that I can now put up a new motivation tool.  I’m definitely in the home stretch:  just 16 months til graduation.

2 Comments to “Having trouble getting motivated”

  1. My Like is for your last line! You’re in the home stretch; the worst is behind you.

    I know the feeling about mornings, though; I’m still hitting the snooze button because it’s cold and dark and miserable. No sensible person wants to get up in that.

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