Such fun

by Janie Jones

I have just enjoyed creating quite a blog post explosion.

Just not here.  Sorry folks.  Actually I just set up 19 weeks of programmed jokes for the Spud on our personal blog.  I created it when she went to spend the school year with her dad for the first time in the fall of 2013.  I had hoped we’d be able to keep in touch better with a blog for us to post stuff on.  I tried to be very conscientious about making regular posts the first few months, but then the Spud’s dad said she wasn’t interested in reading it so I let it lapse for a while.

This past fall I was, well, miserable, but I tried to put a few posts up here and there.  I don’t know for sure, but she seemed to enjoy seeing them more this past fall, and so before the craziness of school starts back up I wanted to get in some serious blogging.  So I set it up as a way for us to count down the weeks until she comes for the summer vacation.  19 Fridays between now and then.  So, 19 jokes have been programmed.  Of all the jokes I waded through, some I thought were quite funny.  They might make an appearance on Tuesdays between now and then, so consider yourselves forewarned….

I also have now figured out how to use YouTube on our blog.  So now we can share videos of each other.

And, I added a countdown.  It’s 132 days until we get together for summer vacation.  Just in case you were wondering.


2 Comments to “Such fun”

  1. What a lovely idea! Feel free to raid my blog for future jokes.

    You may already do this, but I suggest snail mailing some jokes and letters, as well. Post through the door that isn’t bills or ads is so rare these days, that even grown-ups delight in it. Plus, she’ll have tangible proof that you are thinking of her.

    • Oh, yes. I am old fashioned. I still believe in snail mail. I usually pop something in the mail at least once a month, but I shoot for more often. Just depends on how crazy life gets.

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