It’s like a whole new language

by Janie Jones

The spud and I are sitting at the table eating donuts.

Spud: I don’t know what is in the forest a man on a horse all mixed up together.

Me *feeling the hamster in the wheel in my brain kicking into over-drive*: I don’t know either, man and a horse in the forest?

Spud: No. A man on a horseback body.

Me *light bulb goes off*: Oh, a centaur. Right? You mean a man who has a horse’s body? That’s called a centaur.

Spud *nodding sagely, as if I passed the test*: Yup. That’s right Momma. A centaur.

Apparently, being a good Taboo player and a riddle solver are prime requisites for being the spud’s mother. Thankfully I’m with the program….

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