Task Mistress: 101 Tasks in 1001 Days

On April 11, 2012 I accepted Sarsm and The Laughing Housewife‘s 101 Tasks in 1001 Days Challenge! At first I thought it sounded like a lot of work I don’t have time for, but then I realized, this is exactly what I need because I can feel good about what I accomplish instead of overwhelmed by what is left to do.

Anyway, I will keep track of what I accomplish by blogging about it and filing it under 101/1001.  But I’ll also record my progress by striking completed tasks out on my list.  Things in progress will be italicized.  I’ll also enter a start and completed date.  Anyone interested in reading more about a task can click on the accompanying links for details of my progress.  To complete the challenge I need to accomplish all 101 things by January 6, 2015.

My list of tasks in progress is:

1.  Prepare and give a 5 minute speech on mole for Spanish class, all in Spanish, of course. (4/20/12; 4/24/12)  See Day 45

2.  Write the research paper on GE foods for my Writing class. (4/13/12; 5/3/12) See Day 46

3.  Visit the planetarium and see a sky show for my astronomy class paper. (4/28/12; 4/30/12)  See Day 47

4.  Finish two more lab projects for biology class. (4/27/12; 5/2/12) See Day 48

5.  Read remaining 3 chapters for anthropology class. (4/11/12; 5/7/12) See Day 49

6.  Refrain from throwing my text book at my anthropology teacher who writes the worst tests known to man and is planning a cumulative final. (4/11/12; 5/8/12)  See Day 49

7.  Watch the three part Nova series, The Elegant Universe. (4/11/12; )

8. Get at least a B on all my finals. (5/3/12; 5/11/12)  See Day 51

9.  Figure out how to sit for two finals 75 miles apart at the same time on the same day. (4/11/12; 5/1/12)  See Day 50

10.  Complete my last Lib Ed requirement for my B.S. in May (I finally got into the Classic Mythology Lit class!  Hurray)

11.  Find a summer job. (4/11/12; 4/27/12)  See Day 52

12.  Figure out how to scrape enough gas money together to be able to afford the 600+ mile round trip drive to take the spud to meet her dad for the summer. (4/11/12; 6/1/12 ) See Day 88

13.  Clean the house.  No really.  Clean the house and repeat every week.

14.  Take the Christmas lights down from the outside of the house. (6/23/12; 6/23/12)  See Day 91

15.  Make banana bread from the over ripe bananas that have been taunting me for the last 3 days (this probably should have appeared first on my list). (4/11/12; 4/12/12)  See Day 53

16.  Find a work study job for the fall. (4/11/12; 4/23/12)  See Day 55

17.  Get a physical before my insurance expires in September. (4/11/12;  5/31/12) See Day 87 and See “Boobie Prizes,” June 1, 2012

18.  Get my radiation therapy before my insurance expires in September. (4/11/12; 8/8/12 ) See “I’m my very own medical drama,” June 30, 2012 and “Woman in the Mauve Mask,” July 5, 2012 and “The party’s over, but someone forgot to tell my brain” August 8, 2012

19.  Go camping and do nothing for 4 whole days this summer.

20.  Read a book each week this summer that has nothing to do with school. (5/13/12; )

21.  Get up at 7 am and take the dog for a 2 mile walk every other day this summer.

22.  Resume exercises 3 days a week this summer.

23.  Plant my summer garden right after I harvest my money tree. (5/13/12;  7/4/12)  See Day 91

24.  Have at least one yard sale, money tree harvests are down again this year. (6/21/12-6/23/12)  See Day 121

25.  Clean out the screen house so it can actually be used as a screen house and not a storage dump. (6/23/12)  See Day 121

26.  Do all the mending before school starts up again in the fall.  (7/12/21)  See Day 121

27.  Write a chapter a week for one of the many books I have ideas for.

28.  Go fishing with Leif a couple times a month.

29.  Actually cook the food I buy at the grocery store instead of being to tired and lazy and either eating cereal or take out instead. (4/11/12; )

30.  Remember to shop at the Co-op and the farmer’s market for the produce we can’t grow in Leif’s vegetable garden instead of buying at the regular grocery store. (4/11/12; )
31.  Check labels and make a greater effort to buy organic or Non GMO/no rBGH foods when I can afford them. (4/11/12; )

32.  Make a post a week to my other blog (you think this one has some dust bunnies, the other one is a real ghost town).

33.  Get out the art supplies and make some art once every other week.

34.  Make time to put inspirational notes in the spud’s lunchbox every day for the rest of the school year. (4/11/12; 5/31/12)
  See Day 88

35.  Find a way to tell Leif I love him and appreciate him every day. (4/11/12; )

36.  Pass at least 1 semester of Calculus.

37.  Get a B average or better in my math track courses.

38.  Have a family night activity every Friday.

39.  Clean out the craft/guest room. (7/12/12)  See Day 121

40.  Call all my out of state friends this summer at least once.

41.  Get a nice family photo before the end of 2012.

42.  Visit with Miss Sherry at least once a month.

43.  Meditate for 10 minutes every day.

44.  Update blog with new seasonal banner.  (5/2/12; 5/13/12?)  See Day 54

45.  Revisit my list in the fall and add in 10-15 new tasks to replace my summer tasks that have hopefully been completed!

My list will have to be on going.  A lot of my short term tasks will by necessity have to do with school, and beyond the summer tasks I have already entered I am out of ideas for the present.

So, here we go!  I think this is going to be a lot of fun!!


3 Responses to “Task Mistress: 101 Tasks in 1001 Days”

  1. Wow! You’ve already done quite a few 🙂 Well done!

  2. You are MARCHING through!!!!!


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