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October 12, 2012

In search of Truth in the Spam-can

by Janie Jones

Recently I posted this joke for Tuesday Titters:  Week 39.  What is Lassie’s favorite vegetable?  Collie-flower.

Little did I know that it was such a deep, thought provoking joke.   I’m sorryMolineaux70194 at truthisalive, whose comment, “Nice site but you should stand up and fight for the truth,” chastises me from the spam-can.  You are so right.  I should always fight for the truth.  So I’ll come clean.

I don’t know what Lassie’s favorite vegetable was.

There is no such vegetable, that I am aware of, that is called collie-flower.

As a joke it is weak at best and the play on words is horrible and lame.

And, while I’m dispensing truth like I’m not a politician, I’ll go so far as to admit this joke can be told in another way:  What kind of flower does Lassie like best?  Collie-flower.

But that’s not nearly as funny in my opinion.  Even I have a dumb joke threshold.  Which is another truth, albeit probably one that you all will find hardest to believe.