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February 3, 2012

Heh! I knew it!

by Janie Jones

So, I just checked, and for what it’s worth, it’s true.  We are 3 days-ish from a full moon.

To borrow with improper citation the words of an acquaintance from way long ago, “coincidence?  Yeah probably.”

But there are indeed times when I feel like many of the bizarre and crappy things that happen are coinciding with a waxing moon.  Ah, I know what you’re all saying, “Geesh, Janie, that’s sooo looney.”

Well, perhaps it is.  But, this has been a truly hellacious (spellcheck doesn’t like the word hellacious, it suggests fallacious or salacious instead…perhaps it’s not really a word?) week.  And I couldn’t even blog about it because my modem went kaput (oddly spellcheck is okay with kaput, but I was fairly certain that it wasn’t a real word) and I had no internet at home for over 24 hours.  Ahhhh!  The inhumanity!  I nearly had to go and use a public internet facility for my school work and personal enjoyment (ie bitching about being sans internet).  Luckily, I was able to purchase a new modem and Leif was able to get it running last night.  Unfortunately, Netflix now seems determined not to play.  Coincidence?  Yeah probably.

But, Janie just has to ask, how many coincidences can one have at one point in time and not have a correlation?

You know, I need a research paper topic for my writing class.  I was going to try to default to something about Jane Austen, because I know most of her mainstream works by heart, and would love a good reason to forgo the traditional boring homework reading for some comforting ol’ Jane Austen reading, but now perhaps I think I may well be on to something; perhaps I should write about the effects of the moon on human behavior.

By the way, my dictionary informs me that I probably want to use hellish instead of hellacious.  I don’t know.  Hellacious just sounds more descriptively negative than hellish.  Maybe it’s the extra syllables.

Normally, I’d say this with a bit more enthusiasm, happy Friday.  Hope you don’t catch Zombie Full Moon Fever.