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July 27, 2014

Look for the silver lining

by Janie Jones

I’m sitting here this morning, having been up since 5:45 am when the dogs decided it was time to go out for their first constitutional of the day, listening to Gertie crow.  Leif was led to believe that Gertie was a hen, but time has shown that she’d have been more aptly named “Gus” on account that she’s not a she at all but a he.

While it may sound very liberal minded that we keep a gender confused chicken in these modern times, I still can’t say I’ve become very liberal minded about country life.  But there is one small silver lining that I’ve been clinging to these last couple of weeks.  You see, down the road a piece there is a tiny community that has a flea market every Sunday.  Being broke and being extremely unhappy and with summer school nearly over, I decided to do something.  Anything.  And so I got myself into the pseudo self employment business of running a flea market booth.

However, there’s just one flaw in this plan.  Does one go to an outside flea market on a rainy day?

And so I sit here wondering if it’s worth the $10-15 in gas to drive down the road and set up only to get soaked and make no money because no one comes out on account of rain.

I love flea markets and garage sales and resale shops.  So this really is a perfect way for me to focus myself, and hopefully make a few bucks.  But I swear the universe has a very dark sense of humor, saving the rain for Sunday, the one day I look forward to all week.

Earlier I posted about the good news of my blogoversary and how I am trying not to blog about depressing things or sound too much like a complainer.  So, here’s another small piece of “good” news. I won’t make the mistake of saying it’s funny, as I’ve been told it’s not. But I was offered a job on Thursday. It’s not likely to be a particularly good job, nor a resume gem, but it will get me minimum wage and likely more exercise than I want. Its a tour guide position at a historical mansion here abouts. Being desperate, I took it even though it’s a 40 mile drive each way. Then on Friday I was offered a second job. Slightly more money, probably a little more driving (but this one is directly on the way to Stickittoyou U campus so when school starts it wouldn’t be inconvenient), and while likely less walking would be involved, I don’t know if I’d really find it anymore pleasant. This second one is for a nursing home. So now I have a choice. Make less money doing my best Vanna White impression but not need to go to the gym, or make slightly more money but work in a very depressing environment. I think it’s funny that all summer I’ve been desperate to find a job, and once I decide to do something, anything, and I embark on something I really love, running the flea market booth, suddenly all these low paying jobs that I couldn’t get a few months ago are calling me up. I do indeed think the universe has a very twisted sense of humor.

We’ve been watching Downton Abbey Season 4 these last few days. You know, I really, really feel for Mr. Mosely.

Now, to flea market in the rain, or not to flea market in the rain.  That is today’s philosophical debate.