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January 6, 2012

*sigh* Holiday Magic is gone for another year

by Janie Jones

So the WordPress snow has gone away, and I figure it’s about time to get back to the normal grind.  The spud is back in school, and Spanish class resumes for me next week, and there will be book buying and financial aid wrangling and the rest of the classes beginning the following week.  My house which was painstakingly cleaned this week will slowly degrade into a class 5 bio hazard zone again and I will feel the stress exponentially crushing the joy and contentment out of my soul until I’m once more reduced to a homework zombie, cussing over idiotic assignments and obnoxious teachers.


Which brings me to my eternal lament:  Why does time fly so fast when you’re doing you’re best slug impression or counting the molecules in Leonard Nemoy’s butt, and yet drag by like molasses in January when you’re at work/school/trapped on a plane next to two Albanian women with excruciatingly severe body odor.  Okay, not only have I been doing my slug impression, but I’ve also been watching classic Star Trek episodes on Netflix Instant Play and listening to Weird Al’s Albuquerque song.  Naturally.

Well, as we are now officially back into the grind, I must put snow pants and parkas and boots on myself, the spud and Rupert in order to walk the spud to school.  Then I can come home climb back into bed with a book and enjoy my last Friday of absolute freedom before It Begins again.