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May 6, 2012

Sometimes it’s hard to be a grown up, but then it’s harder to be seven

by Janie Jones

So the new job wanted me to start just as finals week arrived.  No rest for the wicked I’m afraid.  The job isn’t terribly hard, but in just two days I’ve already been reminded why I’m going to school:  to not have to work a minimum wage job.  Most of the people working there don’t work for money, they work for the discount, which is 40%.  Nice if you want to spend your whole paycheck on plants, but for those of use who have to pay bills, it’s not much consolation for a laughably miniscule paycheck.  Well, unless you actually enjoy standing on a blacktop parking lot all day in the rainy drizzle watering plants with water that is barely 50 degrees F (for my Celsius using friends that’s roughly 10 degrees C).  Because for the last 3 years I’ve spent 90% percent of my day sitting either at a desk or in a car, my feet and knees are quite unhappy.  Though spring is here, it’s still not really warm on a daily basis, and as customers tend not to shop on days with 20 mile an hour winds and spitting drizzle, so it’s been pretty dull.  But it is an honest living, and the other employees so far seem like good people.  Once my woefully neglected body toughens up I’ll likely be fine.  Until then, hello prescription muscle relaxers and Aleve!

However, my sad story is nothing compared to the misery the poor Spud has suffered this weekend.  Her balloon broke last night.

This wasn’t just any balloon, but a humongous purple number with stars on it that she payed way too much for with her own chore money at the circus yesterday.  The highly anticipated circus was wonderful.  We all had a great time.  The Spud even got to ride an elephant!  Happiness is a big purple balloon and an elephant ride at the circus.  So it was rather heart breaking when her much loved circus souvenir broke just 6 hours after getting home.  Sometimes, when your balloon pops, it’s hard to be seven.

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