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January 13, 2012

Ain’t got no more Bones. Well, perhaps it’s a good thing.

by Janie Jones

It’s been a long time since I discussed my movie and TV show watching.

BTW, I did finally buy a Roku.  I didn’t really write more about it because at first we were rather disappointed with it.  But after about a month or two of fidgeting with settings and exasperated calls to the customer service line, we at last got it running pretty smoothly.  Enough that we’ve been engrossed in Netflix instant play almost every night after the spud goes to bed.


Image from Fox Broadcasting Company, Bones website

Last night we just watched the last episode of season 6 of Bones on Netflix.

First,  I love that show.  It’s one of the best TV series I’ve seen in a long time.  I like it better than House, Gilmore Girls, way better than Heroes, almost as well as the first 4 seasons of Babylon 5, and dare I say, possibly even better than Firefly.  Well, now, just wait, before I get pelted with virtual rotten tomatoes for even intimating something might be better than Firefly, comparing Firefly and Bones is kinda like comparing apples and oranges.  They are each the bomb in their own genre.

Second, talk about going out with a bang!  Leif and I sat there shocked and arguing whether they’d pursue this story twist in a future season, and would there even be a future season.  I mean, usually this kind of thing turns out to be a dream sequence or a series finale stunt.

Third, I am so sad there’s no more to watch on instant play.  Probably that’s good, because now that the holiday break is over, I don’t really have the freedom to watch a half dozen episodes each night after the spud goes to bed.  I mean, I do have studying to do.

But, I might just explode not knowing what’s going to happen.  Netflix and instant play has totally spoiled me.  I don’t know how we used to wait through the whole summer for the next season of a favorite show.

Ahhh!!!  Suspense!!!!

Well, if you haven’t seen Bones, I won’t ruin it for you.  You really should check it out, I definitely think it’s worth it.  And, I’ve just spent the last hour on the Fox Channel website discovering they do indeed have a 7th season in progress on regular TV, so eventually I’ll be able to see my favorite show resume.  And- bonus!– until 7th season becomes available on Netflix, you can read the synopses of the episodes that have already aired, as well as watch video highlights here, so I won’t totally have to go cold turkey on Booth and Brennan.  I could spend all day watching clips and reading plots.

Sigh, but I’ll be a good girl and apply myself to those expensive text books.  They are still fascinating in their own right, but seriously, Booth and Brennan, are they really going to get together?!?  They are way better than House and Cuddy, but what will an acknowledged relationship do to the show?  Look how House ended up.  Then again, House was an inveterate ass. Perhaps there’s hope. Things worked out well with Sheridan and Delenn. But, that’ wasn’t until the series was basically over.

Wait.  I was going to be a good girl and hit the books.