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May 4, 2015

Random Monday Morning

by Janie Jones

I couldn’t think of anything to blog about this morning that didn’t relate to school.  I didn’t think you wanted to hear one more whiny post about how I can’t wait for this semester to be done any more than I wanted to write one.  So, I Googled the phrase “random Monday images” to look for inspiration.

Funny how it seems at least half the images are of women in bikinis.

The other half, well, they definitely fit the random bill.  But most of it had no connection I could see to Monday.  I included the link above, for those pesky citation reasons and just in case you don’t believe me.

Also in case you don’t have time or the inclination to check it out, or perhaps your not in the mood to sort through buxom women in bikinis to find the wacky stuff, here’s a few of my favorites, for no particular reason, and in no particular order:

left the toilet seat up


long hair

I look at this and think, daughter of sasquatch. Does this seem at all freak-show-esque to anyone else? Especially on account of the fact she wouldn’t be washing that mop every day. How heavy must that be? How hot?  How stinky?

batman n robin

Holy hair pins Batman! It’s the daughter of sasquatch! Well, Robin, you needed a date to the prom, didn’t you?

I smile to hide

Oh, noes! My secret is out!

Happy Monday!  BTW, it’s my last Monday of the semester!  Sorry.  I guess I couldn’t resist one school related comment.  But I waited and just snuck it in here at the very end.

May 1, 2015

It might finally be time…

by Janie Jones

Many long years ago back in the last months of 2010, when I first started this education thing, I needed a “good” computer.  I was newly laid off from work and worried about stretching my tiny little bit of reserves for as long as possible.  I discovered I could get extra financial aid money to help me buy a new laptop.  Still, no sense in borrowing a ton of money, so I got a lower, mid-priced laptop.

I was never particularly happy with it as a laptop.  I considered it to be big, and bulky.  But it did pretty much everything I needed it to do.  Over the years I’ve toyed with the idea of replacing it with something sleeker, lighter, faster, but I always came back to the whole, this one is technically fine.  Last fall though I did buy a glorified tablet/netbook that was smaller and lighter for carrying to class.  And I don’t for a second regret that purchase, however, it’s Windows 8, which I don’t like as well as XP or Windows 7.  Also there’s the tiny little screen which isn’t optimal for some homework projects, and it has no CD drive and excessively limited storage capacity.  It’s main attractions were it was dirt cheap, it was fast on the internet and it was small and light.

With my new little netbook, I’ve become comfortable with the laptop being the main, stay-at-home, homework computer, and just using the netbook for carrying to school.   The system has been working pretty smoothly, and the urge to replace the big daddy computer have vanished.  Which you know means that a twist of fate will now intervene.

The last few weeks/months I’ve started having some issues with my big dinosaur laptop.  It locks up, it is even slower than usual, it looses the wi-fi connection.  Now this morning, the screen won’t illuminate to full power.  I fear the end is finally nigh.  Whether I want to replace it now or not, I believe it’s days are numbered.

computer problems

Interestingly, I feel a bit bummed.  Not just about the possibility of having to shell out precious and scarce cash for a replacement, but because this monster has seen me through almost 5 years of college.  It might not have ever been a dream computer, but it did the job, and I know it’s keyboard and it’s quirks like the back of my hand.  Replacing it now would also mean having to fully embrace the world of Windows 8, which I’m not sure I’m ready for.


I guess we’ll see what happens upon reboot.

'Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in?'

April 27, 2015

Monday Melange

by Janie Jones

Leif had an event to attend in Big City yesterday that was not exactly my cup of tea, besides from the fact it was late in the day and I had homework to do.  But he came in early so we could spend some time together before hand and I dog sat for Vera and Rupert so they wouldn’t have to be left alone at the farm all day.  It was nice to see the dogginses.  We even squeezed in a walk after dinner as it was a lovely, sunny afternoon.  When Leif came back to pick up the dogs on his way back to the farm later that night, I don’t think Rupert wanted to go.  He stood right outside the door until Leif finally called him.  My little guy.  It was very tempting to open the door up and let him back in.

There is just this week and one more in the semester until finals.  I have a poster to present on Wednesday, a physics test on Friday and a microbiology lab test a week from Thursday.  That is all that is left standing between me and finals.  Most people, I think, hate finals.  Me though, I look forward to them.  They symbolize the end of suffering.  Hey, I can take a couple tests and be thrilled to do so if it means the end.

Almost done with physics.  Almost done with physics.  Almost done with physics.

I have been trying to study really hard to for my microbiology final.  I cannot imagine getting a better grade in physics than in microbiology, but I tell you what, I have been very disappointed with the lecture for that class and unless I manage to do amazingly well on the final there is the distinct possibility that the unimaginably unexpected will actually happen.  I’ve also been disappointed with myself, but as much as I *want* to learn this stuff and do well, I am really having a hard time keeping up with the material.  Trying to crack down and commit the material to memory, I spent so much time last Tuesday studying I put my back out.

Seriously.  A reading related injury.

I tend to slouch when I read, especially big, heavy textbooks that are a pain to hold up.  Apparently I sat for so long reading I strained my back muscles.  When I began to hurt from sitting in my “traditional” slouch, I tried to sit and lay in a variety of other poses which I hoped would neutralize the slouch or counter stretch my back.  In the end, I strained a whole mess of back muscles.  Thank goodness for metaxalone and naproxen.

Well my friends, it’s time to get to it.

Happy Monday.

April 20, 2015

This and that

by Janie Jones

Good Monday Morning.

It’s Indian Winter here in the Great White North.  Sorry if that’s not PC.  Just when I was a kid there used to be a thing called Indian Summer every fall when we’d supposedly have a week or so of wonderful summer weather just before winter set in.  The Great White North, I’m realizing, has a similar phenomenon in the spring where we get a spate of lovely summer-esque weather then a huge snow storm dumps some wet gloppy snow right before true summer rolls in.


Yeah, who does these cartoons, I’m finding this style all over Google, but where did they come from? It reminds me of The Oatmeal. They are fun-nee! Oh, and just pretend it says April, not June….

Last week it was in the sixties and sunny almost all week, Friday it even got up to seventy, down right hot if you’re a snow bunny like me.  Shorts made an appearance everywhere.  I even got out my own short pants and summer slip-on shoes.  Today and tomorrow though we could get up to two inches of snow.

But, I am looking forward to going to class today if for one reason only:  I can use my new car door remote!  Yup I’m still jazzed about that.  Yes, yes. Still a dork.

Oh, and I’m also jazzed because I’m down to just one more physics lab, and only three more weeks of my other classes before finals begin.  The end is so close!

school is almost over

April 12, 2015

It has been a grueling week;

by Janie Jones

Janie Jones has officially lost her marbles.

I had so much to do last week that I can’t even tell you how I survived.  Besides, that makes for a boring blog post I’m sure.  What you will probably find more interesting is reading about the signs of my marble losing.

So first, I was trying to cook a pork chop on my single burner hot plate.  It’s temperature control is  dodgy.  Well, it wasn’t getting hot, wasn’t getting hot, wasn’t getting hot, then suddenly it was starting to smoke.  So I pulled it off and set it on the wood cutting board, as I needed to cool it down.  I’ve used a wood cutting board as a trivet before, but apparently this time the hot plate meant business, super heating the pan to I’m-done-messing-around-and-only-sort-of-getting-hot-and-am-now-hot-damn-hot, and the pan scorched the wood.  Smelled like a wood burning shop in the basement for the next two days.

Twice I almost poured orange juice in my tea instead of milk, catching myself just in the nick of time.

I thought I forgot to hand in my physics homework, and ran all the way back to the drop box only to realize I had indeed turned it in already.

On several occasions I was completely incapable of forming a simple coherent answer to straight forward questions.  It was almost as if they were speaking pig latin.

And I forgot completely to bring my teaching manual to the extra session of Cell Biology Lab I had to supervise.  Way to look like you belong in charge, Janie.

I will spare you any more details as they become less becoming as I recall them.  Suffice to say, I survived somehow.

I actually had a couple bright spots.  I got a 96% on my seminar on Lyme disease vaccine research, and an 84% on my last physics test.  An 84%!  Me.  I couldn’t believe it.

Surviving the week and getting good news meant I wanted to celebrate.  I wanted to take some time off, kick back and chill.  But that wasn’t going to happen.  I had to work the tour guide gig yesterday.  Afterward, though, Leif came to town after one of his shows.  He only stayed for a little while, as he had to get back to the dogginses, who had been left at the farm all day and both of us were totally exhausted, but it was so nice to have a meal together and sit for a half hour and do nothing but drink tea, and talk and be together.  Almost as if I had a life.

College can be really lonely, you know?  You see people and talk to people all day, but you don’t really get that human contact factor.  And spending too much time in society with out having any society is tough.  It wears on your nerves.  I’m sure the solitude is messing with my marbles, too.


It’s a beautiful 60 degrees today.  I want to go walk down by the lake with Leif and the pupkisses.  But they are out at the farm, and I have a microbiology paper to write.  So, the grueling week isn’t quite over yet.  It’s back to the ol’ homework grind.

And as for WordPress, I still haven’t figured out the new system, but I did discover by accident that sometimes you can back-door your way into the classic format.  Which is enabling me to type this post in my comfort zone of normalcy.  We’ll see how long this lasts….