Spotlight on Lyme disease

I have been slogging for many a year now towards a real education.

Janie wants to be a research scientist when she grows up.

It has taken 4 years of toil, misery and no small amount of tenacity, but I am now poised on point to cross over into being a real scientist.  I have been taken on as an undergrad researcher on the medical school’s Lyme disease research project.  I will have my very own project.

This is an anonymous blog, so I can’t go into a whole lot of details, but if you are interested in knowing more you can email me.  But in a nutshell, I’ll be the Black Angel of Borrelia.  My job will be studying what kills Borrelia.

I had no idea, but apparently a lot of controversy surrounds Lyme disease.  What is so exciting is that my research could potentially answer some huge and hotly contested questions on Borrelia and Lyme disease.

Curious about more?

Feel free to email me at


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