Just Who the Hell is Janie Jones?

Updated Feburary 2015
Well, I’m not a p0rnstar.  Not even close.

I am a mom, which is likely not something I should brag about.

I am a student, looking backward at the ripe old age of 40.  Another thing I probably shouldn’t brag about.

I am told I am practical.  Which I could agree with, except when it came to blowing off college until age 37 and having kids.  Definitely not big hallmark moments of practical expression.

And, this is not a self portrait, even though I’m sure there are those who would argue it illustrates my character best.  No, dear readers, I am proud to be a dog lover.  No cats except in my Sweet n Sour ‘pork.’

Anyway. Here’s 7 random facts about me:

1. My name isn’t really Janie Jones. If you are one of the lucky few who know the truth, well, feel lucky. No real names of people are used in this blog.
2. I am actually a major introvert, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m shy. Yet, my blog is one of the few places I actually speak my mind (hence fact #1… am I allowed to do that or do these facts then cease to qualify as random?).
3. I have an associate degree in nutrition and am working toward my B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology and B.A. in Biochemistry. I hate school, so I suppose you could say I enjoy torturing myself and incurring huge debt in the process.
4. I have been twice married and twice divorced (further fuel for the argument that I enjoy torturing myself or on the other hand it could be why I’m torturing myself). I have one daughter from my second marriage.
5. My favorite color is green.
6. “I would infinitely prefer a book.” Jane Austen is my favorite author, and reading probably my favorite past time.
7. My dream is simple, but requires money and practicality to be no obstacle: I would build my dream house perched on a rocky cliff on the north shore of Lake Superior so on cold blustery mornings I could drink chai from my breakfast room and watch the waves crashing over the rocks below, on warm fall afternoons read Jane Austen on the black taconite sand beaches as the blazing foliage slips from the tree branches and gently falls around me, and on clear dark nights have beach fires waiting for the Aurora Borealis to appear. To me, that is heaven.

More than you ever wanted or needed to know? If not keep reading my blog. I’m sure you’ll get to that point in no time. Meanwhile, I love comments and I like to know who’s reading my drivel. So, please drop me a line by comment or email.

janiejones.greatwhitenorth @ gmail.com


8 Comments to “Just Who the Hell is Janie Jones?”

  1. Hi Janie! I became a student at the age of 39, so that’s two things we have in common. Got two dogs, two kids.

    Thanks for your visit 🙂

  2. Hi Janie, 🙂 I found you through Tilly Bud’s blog, and glad I checked you out; you have another subscriber!
    I really enjoyed your recent post about the Maltesers – it was so funny!

  3. Hi I found you on Tilly Bud’s blog too, I’m another Malteser addicted ex pat who lives in Portugal and therefore has to make regular trips back to dear old blighty to get my fill. I’ve got two dogs as well together with three cats, two budgies and a host of chickens.

    • Hi Gerty Giggles! Thanks for visiting! It is neat to have readers all over the world. I’m definitely a dog person, but I like birds, too. Growing up my mother always kept a menagerie of birds, and for a while after I moved out on my own I used to breed canaries, but cleaning all the cages and selling the birds got to be too much.

  4. Hi Janie.

    Tried emailing you but it came back undelivered.

    I’m worried about you. How are you?

  5. Hello!

    Great job on your blog! As a fellow green lover, I’m very happy to be following.

    Much success!

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