My favorite time of year

by Janie Jones

I love late fall and early winter.  I love when the air becomes cool and crisp and the leaves change color, then fall and finally the snow blankets everything in white.

I love the holidays.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, and finally Christmas.

Halloween decor goes up the end of September and then comes down November first.  Here in the great white north the first snows come early, so Christmas lights go up outside early in November before it gets too cold or too deep in snow.  Then, generally, indoor Christmas decorations go up directly after Thanksgiving.  Gift wrapping begins, holiday fudge making starts, Christmas music plays, holiday cards get addressed, sent and received in return, and sugar plums begin to dance in my head.  Stuck in between Thanksgiving gluttony and Christmas revelry is my birthday, and this year I am taking a personal day to treat myself with some final holiday shopping, and to spend some gift cards I’ve been hoarding.  Stickittoyou U gives us all a large number of days off for the holidays, so there is time off to look forward to at the end of December, as well as feasting and finally, the unwrapping of all those presents.

Three wonderful months of twinkling lights, fanciful decor, anxious anticipation, good food, fun with family and friends and abundant good cheer.  It comes and goes so quickly.  I am anxious for all the Christmas revelry, just one month away, but at the same time I don’t want it to come and go and be over for another year!



2 Comments to “My favorite time of year”

  1. That’s a lot of holidays in a very short period 🙂 Hope you’ve recovered.

  2. LOL! None of the Christmas decorations have been put away yet. I’m not up for that challenge yet. But, otherwise I’m doing okay. Hope 2019 is treating you well so far! Hugs, Janie

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