Pancakes for dessert, and for dinner, and for breakfast…

by Janie Jones

Recently, in one of my magazines, there was a recipe for buttermilk pancakes.  For some reason, it sounded particularly good.  So a few weeks ago when Leif was visiting I made some for breakfast.  We gobbled them up, they were really good.  So good I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

Last Sunday I made another batch for my dinner, with strawberries, bananas and whip cream, even though it was just me.  The other day I had some of the leftovers with strawberries and chocolate ganache as a dessert when my sweet tooth was running rampant.  And this morning I had some as “pancake tacos” stuffed with sugar and blackberries on the way out the door.

Normally I’m not really that big a pancake fan.  But something about these, they are just, wow.

2 Comments to “Pancakes for dessert, and for dinner, and for breakfast…”

  1. I understand you completely – I LOVE buttermilk pancakes!!

  2. I also absolutely love to cook, but haven’t been doing it so much the last few years what with school and lack of a proper cooking space/equipment etc. Between having a decent kitchen again with access to all my stuff and mostly free weekends it’s something I’m starting to finally get back into when I have company or a event to cook for. But I am finding that it’s still kind of difficult to get excited to cook just for myself. So I surprised myself to have made something so relatively elaborate as a full batch of pancakes from scratch with all the fancy trimmings like homemade whip cream and ganache.

    Perhaps it’s a little bit of a good thing I’m still hesitant to do more cooking. If I ate batches of pancakes like this all the time there’s not enough hours in the day to exercise off all those calories!!!

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