Okay, maybe this will help

by Janie Jones

So I’ve only heard from about a quarter of my dear readers (which means about 3 of you).  Two of whom couldn’t access the new blog address.  In sitting with Leif who was unable to read it, I discovered that the link in the earlier post was misdirecting.  While there is, admittedly, some chance of operator error causing this problem, I prefer to blame WordPress.  I might go so far to say that WordPress was deliberately thwarting my escape of their poorly redesigned platform.  But that would definitely be a tall tale.

In any event.  If you have not been having success accessing the new address please try cutting and pasting this into your browser:


I have not posted recently as I have been preoccupied with homework, part time job, and searching for gainful employment post graduation, but there are older posts some of you might not have seen if you were thwarted by the ill-programmed previous link.

I would really like to know if you continue to have problems following me to my new digs.  Feel free to email me directly at janiejones.greatwhitenorth @ gmail.com.



6 Comments to “Okay, maybe this will help”

  1. I can read it, have signed in, but don’t seem to be able to leave a comment. Ironically, the comment seemed to get eaten by the anti censorship banner 😉

  2. Oh boy. This is really getting to be a pain. Well thanks for the update. And thanks for putting up with the issues.

  3. I accessed it when I first read this post but didn’t have time to comment.

    Came back to it today and now I can’t access it at all.


  4. Okay, I haven’t heard from anyone who can consistently access the new location, and so I think I am going to just give up for the time being. I will update you if I get something else going. Sorry 😦

  5. I tried, I can read it, but I can’t comment or see where to sign up.

    • Hi! Yeah. Well. The blog is dead. Both places. I had a friend who suggested I move to a web hosting platform. But it was too confusing to figure out while I was in school. I did graduate! Yay for me! But I got a full time, although temporary, job right away and have still been too busy to figure out how to set up a new blog.

      Eventually I’ll figure something out but I’m still sort of waiting for life to settle down a little. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA.

      Silly Janie. Life never settles down.

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