I am still around…

by Janie Jones

I am currently enmeshed in first quarter test frenzy.  I have my first exam in each of my four lecture courses all within the next 7 days.

Needless to say, I have spent much of the  weekend trying to get all my homework done ahead of time so I can devote every remaining moment to studying for said exams.  I should qualify that I suppose and say every waking moment I can actually get my will power and my brain to cooperate.

Imagine if you will, you do actually want run that marathon, that you want to be first across that finish line.  But, you trip, fall and sprain your ankle.  No matter how hard you want to keep running, your body just won’t let you.  You still might eventually hobble across the line.  But you ain’t no way, no how, gonna win.

That’s like how my brain feels.  I’ve been running 24 miles of my educational marathon.  I’m down to the last two, but I’ve sprained my brain and now it’s really, really hard to keep moving.

That said, I have decided on a location to move my blog to, at least temporarily until I can better investigate/afford private hosting.  However, I am not quite ready for the unveiling yet.  So please stay tuned.  Hopefully in a week or two, once first quarter test frenzy subsides, I’ll get everything the way I want it and have a blog warming bonanza.

In the meanwhile, here’s some more photos of Vera’s puppies:

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3 Comments to “I am still around…”

  1. I can’t imagine anything to do with education, except a dread, and horror.

    Best of grades, best of luck and may you find your sanity didn’t slip through the cracks.

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