Damn you WordPress

by Janie Jones

I was going to put up a post this morning. But since my last post, it appears WordPress has found it necessary to fuck with it’s design again. I have no idea where anything is in this new format and I’m just not in the mood for figuring it out.

I am getting so sick of having to relearn how to use WordPress every few months or a year when someone decides, oh, lets take a popular program and make unnecessary changes that confuse and frustrate people.

Maybe this is why fewer and fewer people are blogging these days.

Dammit. Where is the f78ing post button? Oh there. But it looks like the schedule button is gone? What’s with that???

And what a hassle now to add tags and categories. Why did you have to move that??

I just might go back to blogger….

3 Comments to “Damn you WordPress”

  1. NO, get off the ledge JANIE!! DO NOT GO BACK TO BLOGGER. We’ll have to organize an intervention. Weird that you posted about blogging the same day I sort of did too. We’re the last two bloggers on the internet now. Maybe there is a tear in the matrix. I refuse to use Facebutt and all that. I’ll write my little stupid things in a paper diary with a cute lock on it.

  2. I have never been a diary writer, I cannot stand to write on paper with a pen or pencil. It is too slow and clumsy. However, I can’t read long passages on the computer. If I’m gonna read a book or magazine article it has to be a paper copy. And for that matter, I can’t imagine paying almost the same price for digital book as a physical book.

    Well, as for WordPress and Blogger, I have been thinking it may be time for a change. After all, I am graduating soon. So I suppose there is some cosmic logic in my blogging days should graduate too.

    But graduate to what. Ahhh. That is the question. Where should my life, my thoughts, my blog go?

  3. You can move; just don’t leave…

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