Tuesday Titters: Dog jokes meet science jokes

by Janie Jones

It’s always a good day for a dog joke.  And, this morning it was really hard to get motivated to face the day, so more than one was in order.

This site had a lot of funny dog stuff.  But I *had* to steal this one.  I mean, dogs and science.

dogs barium

And, then there’s the old reliable of jokes which provided:

How is a dog and a marine biologist alike?
One wags a tail and the other tags a whale.
There.  Now I feel better.  Doesn’t anything dog related make you feel better?

3 Comments to “Tuesday Titters: Dog jokes meet science jokes”

  1. You haven’t blogged for a week; is everything okay?

    • Hi Tilly! Thanks for your concern. I’m okay considering the circumstances. I have so much homework and so little energy, and I don’t feel like blogging always about how overwhelming everything is so, well, I don’t blog much.

      Mostly I like what I’m doing this semester, it’s just very, very intense. The trouble is, even when you like what you are doing, when you are always tired and you always feel like you are behind it’s hard to not get into the place where you just want to throw up your arms and say, “Why bother? It will never all get done.”

      I’m also tired of living in this deprivation mode. I hate having to sacrifice having time to make a real meal, not seeing the outdoors all weekend, not cleaning anything, and basically being absolutely oblivious to anything besides surviving school. There are days I am so busy I just don’t have time to even eat and drink. I miss my dog, I miss my people, I miss my free time and I miss being able to have a thought that doesn’t involve school. I can only contemplate what assignment is due first, where I have to be next, and what will bring the universe to a grinding halt if it doesn’t get done now. Forget thinking beyond the next few hours; tomorrow barely exists and next week is a myth. This means I do very little actually planning or living. Life is just a countdown of days until some overly idealized time when this life will hopefully prove to have been worth the torture.

      But. A Janie has to do what a Janie has to do. Hopefully there will be a Janie left come next May and not just some whimpering blob of flesh in a white jacket and a rubber room.

      And, speaking of not blogging, you have been pretty absent too, although I presume – I hope – it is because you are living la vida buena. Have you big plans for the birthday this year?

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