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September 16, 2015

One fish, two fish, red fish Glo-fish

by Janie Jones

In genetics lab we are studying transgenic glo-fish.  To learn about gene inheritance, we are experimenting with crossing glo-fish with different phenotypic traits in order to assess whether the genes which encode for those traits follow Mendalian ratios.  Transgenes are not native genes, but in this case, are genes taken from other species which have the ability to create fluorescent proteins.  So, our fish glow under black light and have bright Kool-aid like colors in white light.

Tomorrow we find out if love was in the air.  That is, did my fish do *IT* and make baby glo-fish.

I chose to cross Verda:

Green glo fish edited

A green fluorescing fish with Rudy:

Red glofish edited

A red fluorescing fish.

My camera phone doesn’t take the best photos, but I think you can kinda see what I’m dealing with.  Any bets on what our babies will look like?