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August 23, 2015

Oh. Now that is good.

by Janie Jones

Sanpelligrino pomegranate and orange

Our most favorite Italian restaurant serves a few flavors of Sanpellegrino.  Of course, it costs an arm and a leg to have at the restaurant.  So it’s very seldom that we order any.

I have noticed that the new Co-op I’ve been shopping at in the Big City carries a wide variety of Sanpellegrino flavors.  It only costs half and arm and half a leg.  I often have thought, “Oh, that sounds so divine!”  as I have walked passed the displays of Sanpellegrino and wistfully imagined a day when I could walk into the store and just buy a six pack and not care how crazy expensive it is.  Well last week they had it on sale and the price dipped below a dollar a can.  So, I splurged and bought three individual cans in three different flavors:  grapefruit, pomegranate orange, and blood orange.  Yesterday I decided to pop one open and give one a try.

For no particular reason I poured the pomegranate orange flavor.  Man, I tell you.  It.  Was.  Good.

It was a dog-chewing-a-bone good.

It was sunny-Sunday-morning-breakfast-in-bed good.

It was first-kiss good.

It was free-ice-cream good.

It was you-just-won-the-lottery-and-are-going-to-Disney-Land good.

It was I-don’t-care-crows-are-pecking-my-eyes-out good.


It’s that good.


I have not tried the other flavors yet.  As my budget does not allow me to kick ’em back like they are going out of style I will save them for when I have time to savor them adequately.  If they are as good as this flavor, I will begin to understand why people apparently are willing to pay such outrageous prices for sparkling juice.