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July 20, 2015

Spudisms #19: The Chinese don’t have Tupperware

by Janie Jones

This weekend Leif made homemade stir fry.  He and the Spud chose to eat with chopsticks.  At some point in the meal the conversation came around to forks vs chopsticks.

Spud:  In China they don’t have forks because they don’t have Tupperware.

Me:  Did you just say in China they don’t have forks because they don’t have Tupperware?

Spud:  Uh-huh.  No Tupperware.

Me:  What makes you say they don’t have Tupperware?

Spud:  Because they don’t.

Me:  But, how do you know that?

Spud:  Mommmmmaaaa.

Me:  But what does having or not having Tupperware have to do with forks?

Spud:  *exasperatedly*  If you don’t have Tupperware, you don’t have any forks.

Me, struggling to follow 10 year old logic:  Um, do you know what Tupperware is?

Spud:  Yeah.  It’s like forks and knives and spoons.

Me, looking across the table to Leif who looks equally confounded:  Where did you get that idea?

Spud:  Tupperware.  That’s what it says on the white rectangle the forks and stuff are in.

Me, light bulb suddenly going on:  Oh, Sweetheart, that’s the name of the company that makes the container.  Tupperware makes plastic containers.  Forks, knives and spoons and those kind of things aren’t Tupperware, they are silverware.

Spud, looking confused:  Oh.  But they don’t have forks in China because they have chopsticks.