Updates from the Great White North

by Janie Jones

Sorry bloggy buddies.  I know I have been an extremely lax blogger of late.  Not that things haven’t been happening which would make great blog fodder.  I have just been way too distracted.

Tomorrow is my Quantitative Chemical Analysis class final.  I have a B+ going into the class.  There is not enough points possible on the final to earn an A, even if by some miracle I get a 100%.  Hell would have to freeze over before that could happen.  But, if I can manage not to totally botch the final I can hold on to my B+ and be quite satisfied.

So thanks for all your comments.  I’ve been reading them, but the whirlwind of summer school and the Spud and it now being Flea Market season has me totally slacking here.

Hopefully after tomorrow I can regain some scraps of sanity.


One Comment to “Updates from the Great White North”

  1. Are you sane yet? 🙂

    Hope it went well.

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