Spudisms on Momma Super Powers

by Janie Jones

Spud: Momma, I’m animating a book.

Me: Oh, that sounds like fun.

Spud: Yeah, I’m still designing the characters, but I’m going to model one after you.

Me: Cool.

Spud: Her name is going to be Advice-Giving Abby.  Because she gives lots of advice, just like you.

Me: Oh.  Do I give lots of advice?

Spud: Yeah.

Me: Is it good advice?

Spud: Well, yeah, pretty much.

Me: That’s good to know.  Don’t Daddy and Stepmom give you advice too?

Spud: Nah.  Well, sometimes.  But, not so much.

Me: Oh.  I see.  So, would you say that giving advice is my Momma Super Power?

Spud: *laughing* Yeah! That’s your super power!


4 Comments to “Spudisms on Momma Super Powers”

  1. We will, of course, need to see the pictures eventually 🙂

  2. Does the position come with a cape, or do you have to provide one yourself? Check with your union rep.

  3. I feel like we’ve been through this before. Do you remember Thunderhead? No capes!

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