It’s all over but the ‘caw’-ing

by Janie Jones

I was feeling a bit down, okay I was feeling totally wretched, upon leaving my physics final, and I had a staff meeting at the tour guide gig to attend.  Not feeling one bit in the mood for a pointless staff meeting after a soul crushing physics final, and not enjoying beer, I stopped for a Frosty and some fries and sat in the car overlooking the big lake crying over my salty-chocolatey num-nums and hoping they would work some magic on my mood.

And then what to my wondering eyes should appear?

gull 003

Yup that there is a sea gull.  Or, as it lives off a lake does that make it a lake gull?  I’m not a zoologist.

What ever it is, it landed on the hood of my car and strutted about while I ate, occasionally tapping on the windshield as if it thought it might snatch a french fry from me.  After the shock wore off of being less than 3 feet from the bird (albeit separated by a sheet of tempered glass) I decided to try and get a snapshot.  Isn’t that what people do now-a-days with these smart phones?

Lo and behold my feathered friend sat still and posed quite nicely for me.

It kept me company the whole while I ate, and, as if it noticed and realized I was done and wasn’t gonna get any, it flew off just moments before I put the key in the ignition to leave.


One Comment to “It’s all over but the ‘caw’-ing”

  1. Blessings are all around us if we only have the wits to spot them – and you obviously do. What a lovely interlude.

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