It might finally be time…

by Janie Jones

Many long years ago back in the last months of 2010, when I first started this education thing, I needed a “good” computer.  I was newly laid off from work and worried about stretching my tiny little bit of reserves for as long as possible.  I discovered I could get extra financial aid money to help me buy a new laptop.  Still, no sense in borrowing a ton of money, so I got a lower, mid-priced laptop.

I was never particularly happy with it as a laptop.  I considered it to be big, and bulky.  But it did pretty much everything I needed it to do.  Over the years I’ve toyed with the idea of replacing it with something sleeker, lighter, faster, but I always came back to the whole, this one is technically fine.  Last fall though I did buy a glorified tablet/netbook that was smaller and lighter for carrying to class.  And I don’t for a second regret that purchase, however, it’s Windows 8, which I don’t like as well as XP or Windows 7.  Also there’s the tiny little screen which isn’t optimal for some homework projects, and it has no CD drive and excessively limited storage capacity.  It’s main attractions were it was dirt cheap, it was fast on the internet and it was small and light.

With my new little netbook, I’ve become comfortable with the laptop being the main, stay-at-home, homework computer, and just using the netbook for carrying to school.   The system has been working pretty smoothly, and the urge to replace the big daddy computer have vanished.  Which you know means that a twist of fate will now intervene.

The last few weeks/months I’ve started having some issues with my big dinosaur laptop.  It locks up, it is even slower than usual, it looses the wi-fi connection.  Now this morning, the screen won’t illuminate to full power.  I fear the end is finally nigh.  Whether I want to replace it now or not, I believe it’s days are numbered.

computer problems

Interestingly, I feel a bit bummed.  Not just about the possibility of having to shell out precious and scarce cash for a replacement, but because this monster has seen me through almost 5 years of college.  It might not have ever been a dream computer, but it did the job, and I know it’s keyboard and it’s quirks like the back of my hand.  Replacing it now would also mean having to fully embrace the world of Windows 8, which I’m not sure I’m ready for.


I guess we’ll see what happens upon reboot.

'Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in?'


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