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April 27, 2015

Monday Melange

by Janie Jones

Leif had an event to attend in Big City yesterday that was not exactly my cup of tea, besides from the fact it was late in the day and I had homework to do.  But he came in early so we could spend some time together before hand and I dog sat for Vera and Rupert so they wouldn’t have to be left alone at the farm all day.  It was nice to see the dogginses.  We even squeezed in a walk after dinner as it was a lovely, sunny afternoon.  When Leif came back to pick up the dogs on his way back to the farm later that night, I don’t think Rupert wanted to go.  He stood right outside the door until Leif finally called him.  My little guy.  It was very tempting to open the door up and let him back in.

There is just this week and one more in the semester until finals.  I have a poster to present on Wednesday, a physics test on Friday and a microbiology lab test a week from Thursday.  That is all that is left standing between me and finals.  Most people, I think, hate finals.  Me though, I look forward to them.  They symbolize the end of suffering.  Hey, I can take a couple tests and be thrilled to do so if it means the end.

Almost done with physics.  Almost done with physics.  Almost done with physics.

I have been trying to study really hard to for my microbiology final.  I cannot imagine getting a better grade in physics than in microbiology, but I tell you what, I have been very disappointed with the lecture for that class and unless I manage to do amazingly well on the final there is the distinct possibility that the unimaginably unexpected will actually happen.  I’ve also been disappointed with myself, but as much as I *want* to learn this stuff and do well, I am really having a hard time keeping up with the material.  Trying to crack down and commit the material to memory, I spent so much time last Tuesday studying I put my back out.

Seriously.  A reading related injury.

I tend to slouch when I read, especially big, heavy textbooks that are a pain to hold up.  Apparently I sat for so long reading I strained my back muscles.  When I began to hurt from sitting in my “traditional” slouch, I tried to sit and lay in a variety of other poses which I hoped would neutralize the slouch or counter stretch my back.  In the end, I strained a whole mess of back muscles.  Thank goodness for metaxalone and naproxen.

Well my friends, it’s time to get to it.

Happy Monday.