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April 9, 2015

Help! WordPress has totally gone to the dogs

by Janie Jones

Okay, so I wanted to add a new blog to my links.

Sheri from Two Nervous Dogs is back in business.  A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away where Janie had a real life and wasn’t a spastic, exhausted, zombie-esque student, I used to read Sheri’s stuff.  Hers was one of the first blogs I got into reading; about the same time as I was reading Rachel Lucas, Look a Baby Wolf and Fetch My Flying Monkeys.  It was snarky. They were all snarky.  And quirky, and they defied social constraint.  It was (is) glorious.  One by one they slipped away into the blogosphere oblivion.  Well, I didn’t know what happened to Sheri, but Rachel got married, lived abroad, came back and vanished again.  Laura bought a house and lost George Clooney.  She’s probably in rehab.  Anyway, slowly their presences disappeared, all except LeAnn at Look A Baby Wolf.  She’s still doing her duty to the fans in glorious hyperbole.  So I just read there that Sheri is back.  Two Nervous Dogs is resurrected.  Zombie Two Nervous Dogs.  Crazy neighbors and an HOA.  Security Flood Lights of epic proportions.  Apparently so.

But I digress.  In my enthusiasm for a return to the pleasures of a birds eye view on the idiotic world Sheri must daily endure, I wanted to add her link to my blogroll links.

Thanks to this enforced new WordPress system, I no longer can figure out how, though.  And, I have a microbiology test today I MUST DO WELL ON or I will just have to crawl under a rock and die.  So I have no time to learn a new, more cryptic and less old people friendly WordPress.

So can any of you WordPressers tell me how to use this stupid new format to add to my blog links?

And, can you tell me what happened to the side bar that gives me options to click on my categories!!!!

I tell you, I just might have to go back to blogger.  At least I can find stuff there.