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April 8, 2015

Well it finally appears to have happened

by Janie Jones

For a long time now WordPress has been trying to convince me to use some new update that changes where everything is and how it looks.  For a long time I’ve been having it convert me back to the classic look.

Well this morning it changed me to the new look and I can’t figure out how to get the classic back.  Have I mentioned once or a hundred times how I hate how computer software seems to find it necessary to keep changing perfectly good working stuff for no apparent reason?  And, it seems the stuff that doesn’t work so hot seems to linger on?  Well, I don’t freaking have time to learn where everything is in this new “view.”  I don’t want your new “view.”  Your old one suited me just fine, thank you not very much.

So this is all the post you get.  Now I’m going to go sulk off into the chaos which is my daily routine.