When abbreviations just don’t work

by Janie Jones

I got an email the other day from the Vice Chancellor of Stud.

I get a lot of bulk email from colleges. Even if they are from Stickittoyou U, I normally just delete them. Mostly they are about stupid stuff that I don’t have time for, like what the Greeks are doing, social activities, and other non-academic things. I probably miss some important stuff, but I barely have time for the high priority stuff much less wading through newsletters from every Tom, Dick and Harry who has access to the campus wide email system.

But, I had to know what the Vice Chancellor of Stud wanted to say. I mean, who thought Studs would have their own particular Vice Chancellor? I didn’t even know Stickittoyou U had an equestrian department, much less a stud program. Or maybe it’s a new club or diversity program with in the Liberal Arts College. They have some pretty socially forward thinking programs. I probably should read those newsletters more often. Perhaps I’m missing more than I thought.

To my disappointment it turns out that this was just an unfortunate use of abbreviation of the title for the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Life.

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