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March 16, 2015

Up in the morning before the rising sun

by Janie Jones

Even though it’s spring break, I’m up at my normal 4 am and off to work.  I want to cram in all my work hours early this week so I can get out to the farm.

It is a bit of a drag to be up and working this early on my spring *break,* hahaha silly woman, no break for you!  But, still, even without that carrot of true free time later in the week dangling before me, being on campus this early is sort of nice in a way.  The buildings are empty, quiet and peaceful.  Somehow there’s a sense of greater purpose, meaning and belonging when you have a key to get into the building when others can’t and get your work done before the teenage masses are even stirring in their dorm rooms.

Also, how can one complain when it was 54 degrees at 5 am?