I just love dogs

by Janie Jones

Yesterday, as I was driving home from work I had to stop at a red light.  A car pulled up next to me and a dog was driving.

No, actually his person was driving, he was just checking things out from her lap.  He was absolutely adorable, taking advantage of the warm weather to hang out the window and get some good sniffs.

Big City is a dog town.  Every day, everywhere you see people and their dogs, and it always brings a smile to my face.  But I miss my Rupert and Leif’s Vera.  Leif returned from his snowbird tour on Wednesday, and though he came to town to pick up his truck and we spent some time together, he didn’t bring the pupkisses so I haven’t had my fix of dog love in over two months.  Sometimes I miss those hairy beasts so much it hurts.

I get to go out to the farm later this week.  Despite being spring break I have to go to work and I have to write my Lyme disease seminar.  But they all are as anxiously awaiting my arrival as much as I am awaiting my trip down.  In fact, Vera sent me this message this morning:

Vera want to know if u got your home work done yet, Dog-Mom!  Sersly!

serious vera

Vera turned one year old last December.  It’s hard to imagine what a beautiful, big girl she’s become, I hear she’s grown some more since I last saw her.  I remember when Leif got her and she was smaller than Rupert, she was so cute.  Now she’s tall and sleek and has a most impressive bark.

And then there’s my Rupert, the old man.  I don’t have a recent photo, but apparently he’s become quite the watch dog.  He ran down a fox or coyote that was skulking about one night and got into a bit of a tussle until the rest of the pack at Leif-Mom’s ranch showed up to help and drive off the Chicken-stealer.  All chickens remained safe, and Rupert got extra hamburger grease and ham in his dog food for the rest of his stay at the ranch.  It’s hard to imagine my mild mannered, sweater-wearing gentleman the doggy marine, but there you have it folks.  Leif says his time on Leif-Mom’s ranch has changed him.  Now he’s a barker.  Apparently he became reunited with his long lost doggie cahones.

How can you not love dogs?



One Comment to “I just love dogs”

  1. You’d have to be mad not to. 🙂

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