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February 9, 2015

Totally random stuff

by Janie Jones

Studying makes me hungry.  Although my body has spent the majority of this weekend sitting on my behind studying, I have been ravenous.  I guess exercising the ol’ brain box is it’s own form of calorie burning work out.

*180 degree turn*

Does it bother you when your undergarments don’t match?  It bothers me.  As it happens I only have one pair of grey panties, and I have 3 grey bras.  So, it happens that sometimes I have to wear a grey bra with a different color underwear.  At times like these I feel it necessary to wear a grey undershirt.  But, today, I didn’t have a clean grey undershirt.  I could have switched bras, but then I’d have had to wear white, and then my white undershirt wouldn’t match my tee-shirt.

Don’t ask why this is such an ordeal.  I have no answer.

But I forced myself to wear the grey bra with red panties and a black undershirt.

*180 degree turn*

This morning I got an email saying the spud is apparently jumping rope for the American Heart Association.  I love my spud, but the first thing that entered my mind was “Oh, this should be good.  I’ve never seen her successfully jump a rope in her life.”  But, I donated a few dollars anyway.  I might have actually donated like 4 times.  For some reason the stupid donation link didn’t want to take my debit card from my Country Town bank.  It finally took the card from my Big City bank.  Go figure.


I think that’s enough randomness even for me.  It ought to be a great day.  I have appointments, classes and work straight through the day from 8 am until 5ish, and then I may have to take Peggy to the mall.  She can’t drive and has an interview coming up and desperately needs a new pair of shoes.  Normally I love any excuse to go to the mall and shoe shop.  I just imagine I’ll be sooo tired by then.  And probably hungry.  I have no idea when I’ll squeeze meals into my day today.

Did I mention how hungry studying has been making me lately?

Well, this crazy pace *ought* to slow down a smidge in 4 weeks.  Spring break is mid March and I give my seminar immediately after we get back.  Once I give my seminar that class is essentially over for me, all I do is show up to listen to the rest of the speakers thereafter.

Happy Monday