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February 3, 2015

Tuesday Titters: I want his job

by Janie Jones

You get to sleep all you want, only work a few minutes one day a year, and the world hangs on your ability, or not, to see your shadow.

Yesterday was Groundhog Day, my friends, and Punxsutawney Phil apparently saw his shadow, so we can anticipate 6 more weeks of winter.  I think it’s a fun, quaint tradition, but I usually forget it until after the fact.  But as today is Tuesday, here’s some Groundhog Day humor a day late.

What do you get when you cross a groundhog with a pistachio?
A green beast who predicts a dry spring, and acts like a nut.

-from Groundhog Day Jokes

im a rodent not a meteorologist
repeating ground hog day*images found at Google Images