Random thoughts: a Tuesday bonus post

by Janie Jones

I have a single one hour break on Tuesdays.  Classes start at 9 and run until 5.  As I am not a night person, or even a mid afternoon person, I am back on my up at 4 am schedule, so by the time I get to campus at 9 am I’ve already taken care of half a day’s worth of studying and other personal business.  By noon I get pretty hungry, two breakfasts notwithstanding.

Why am I sharing this?  Well, the title of this post should give you a clue, I’m enjoying a moment of random thought:

One thing I hate more than packing a lunch is paying campus food prices.

After 5 semesters at Stickittoyou U, I can say with some authority that it is almost impossible to eat anything palatable for less than $7 on campus.  And, if in my current situation this semester, you have your only break at peak lunch hour, good luck finding a place in the cafeteria to actually eat said lunch.

So, on account of the fact that I am a cheapskate and picky when it comes to overpriced poor quality fare, I did actually pack a lunch this morning before heading to campus despite my abhorrence of such an activity.  And, I am currently eating it despite my general lack of interest in a brown bag meal that has been sitting in a semi-cool insulated lunch sack and is covered in a sheen of condensation from the rapidly melting ice pack.  It is somewhat sad when a tepid cream cheese sandwich, an orange and a piece of pumpkin cake is healthier, cheaper and even more appetizing than what the school serves.

Now if only I had remembered to pack a napkin.

One Comment to “Random thoughts: a Tuesday bonus post”

  1. I hate lunch. I need to eat it but I never know what to make. School holidays were a nightmare because I had to think of something for the boys as well. I try to make extra dinner so I have leftovers to eat, but I don’t suppose you have access to a microwave, do you?

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