Study Sunday and boring observations that bug me

by Janie Jones

So, it is almost 6pm on Sunday.  My day went primarily into paying bills, dealing with paperwork, cleaning and physics homework.  I meant to do a few other things, but after 3 hours of physics I was shredded.

Now it is good and dark outside I notice that I need a new desk lamp.  I cannot abide by dim lighting.  It really bothers me and makes it difficult for me to see and feel alert.  I had purchased this cheapy little desk lamp last fall that has a neat little organizer at the base with two outlets and it has a bendy neck on it so you can adjust where the light shines.  I liked it very well for the last 4 months, until I noticed that the 75 watt bulb I had in it was melting the plastic lampshade.  Only then did I bother to read the little warning sticker on the inside of the shade that limited the bulb wattage to a mere 40 watts.  So, I dutifully changed out the bulb with a 40 watt version, and now I can’t see a damn thing.  Seriously, what is the point of a desk lamp that barely provides more illumination than a candle?  And if any bloody environmentalists try to say that high watt bulbs are bad for the environment I’ll scream.  Didn’t your mothers ever warn you how bad it is for your eyes to read in dim light?

So the question is boys and girls:

Do I risk a major electrical fire and put the 75 watt bulb back in so I can actually see my Physics homework, or buy a new lamp rated for a higher watt bulb?

I suppose there’s a third option, just don’t do anymore Physics homework.  Well, now, I do rather like the sound of that…


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