Gak! It’s apply for scholarships time of year again

by Janie Jones

This morning it was time I purchased my books, as spring semester starts next Tuesday.  Usually I compare prices between buying at the campus bookstore vs buying online.  If the required books are older versions sometimes the used prices at the bookstore are worth paying so I can pay with my financial aid instead of having to pay directly out of pocket.  As I only need to buy for one class, I was hoping costs would be less obscene this semester.  But of course the teacher for the one class I need to buy books for has selected a brand-spankin’ new addition of the text book and the lab manual, so buying from the campus bookstore is ludicrously overpriced.  Even purchasing from a discount bookseller on line I still ended up laying down some $300 dollars as no used versions are available yet.  And there may even be more course material expense madness ahead; I have to wait until the first day of class and see if either my new physics teacher for second semester or my microbiology teacher require using an online classroom for homework.  If so, I’ll have to dish out another $75 dollars or so for each.  Which made this afternoon’s activity all the more imperative.

I have just spent the last three hours digging for scholarship opportunities, printing forms, gathering required info and filling out forms.  So far I have begun the process of applying for 5 traditional scholarships and I’ve signed up for another half dozen “raffle” type scholarships.  It is exhausting.  Tomorrow I will start writing the essays for the traditional scholarships, and as exhausting as filling out and collating all the required forms and attachments is, it’s the writing the essays that really sucks.  And when that process is completed it will be back to scouring the interwebs for more potential funding.

Man, would it be nice to be independently wealthy and be able to just enjoy the process of learning and not have to stress out about funding it.


One Comment to “Gak! It’s apply for scholarships time of year again”

  1. I can’t ‘Like’ this post because you’re not having any fun at all. Sending you virtual hugs and moral support instead x

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